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3 December 2012

PwC: Global production of electromobiles will be ten times higher within five years

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Last year, car manufacturers around the world produced more than 90 thousand vehicles that have electric propulsion. Current PwC estimates show that world production of electric vehicles will increase to more than 950 thousand vehicles per year by 2016.

At the present time, electrically powered cars represent barely 0,1 % of total automobile production. It should reach almost 1 % in 2016.

Jiří Zouhar, leader of Automotive expert group says:

World production will already exceed half a million electric vehicles next year. Only slow growth in the infrastructure and a relatively short battery life still prevent more massive expansion of electromobiles. In addition, manufacturers are aware of the rarity of many inputs for their production. The current electromobiles thus certainly do not represent the final technology. Manufacturers are therefore looking for alternatives using more available resources.

National and international regulation also have a role. Fans of strong engines will thus be disappointed. Manufacturing of cars with motors with a capacity above 4 litres will decrease by 14% over the next five years, the production of 3-4 liter cars will stagnate.

And this will happen at a time when the total global production of cars for the next five years will increase by one-third.

Jiří Zouhar,, +420 251 152 202

Source: PwC Czech Republic

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