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25 March 2024

Experience the Power of Caregiving

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Simona Bagarová, Founder and Director of our NGO member MILA, is introducing THE POWER OF CAREGIVING: a workshop that brings a unique experience for anyone who wants to care for their parents, grandparents and loved ones with love and without fear. This 4-hour-workshop can be designed as a truly original ESG team activity for your employees with a priceless value for every single one of them.


  • What do I have to do if I want to care for my loved ones at home?
  • How do I recognize a good retirement home?
  • How do I care and not burn out?
  • Is it possible to find joy in caregiving?
  • How can I support people who are caring?


Simona will explain to you, what you can claim from the state in which situation, and what kinds of services actually exist. You will experience what it is like to be a person dependent on care. Simona will surprise you with a demonstration of what power a simple touch of the hand can have. Also, you will find out what to say and not to say to people who are caring for someone.

Plus, all your questions will be answered and Simona and her team will do everything they can so that you leave the workshop in a positive mood and with confidence in your abilities.

THE POWER OF CAREGIVING workshop is a less usual alternative to team activities focused on social responsibility (ESG). Its results may not be visible at first glance, in comparison with a planted forest or a painted fence. But when the moment comes and you put the gained experience in practice, its effects become fundamental: to you, and to the one you care for. This workshop is unique because it reveals a delicate and sometimes taboo topic of care and old age. Discover the power of caregiving!


Graduated social worker, volunteer in a home for the elderly, Founder and the Director of the organization MILA, which helps increase the prestige of the nursing profession and improve its conditions.

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