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D&B Confluence

d&b confluence strives to provide the best customer experience possible, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. Our team provides a full-service package, from planning and coordinating to marketing and executing the event. We help businesses and associations to reach their goals and objectives.
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More than a hotel, The Julius is your space. A series of beautifully designed places in some of Europe’s most exciting cities where you can stay, live and be free. Places for living in, where you can connect with the local community and, best of all, where you have the flexibility to explore and the freedom to just be.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to brainstorm or you need a spot to host a team day away, we have lots of spaces that come complete with the latest presentation technology. Do you need a spot to host a big launch or a place to celebrate a special occasion?

No matter what type of event you are planning, we have a variety of spaces alongside a catering team who can create customised food and drink menus to make sure your event is a full success.
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Balance is motion

Balance is Motion creates premium product designs with sustainability in mind. The studio helps companies connect their ESG strategies with the development or innovation of products, through eco-design. Their B2B projects range from product design to the design of events and installations. Some of their clients include Skoda, Snuggs, Fleysen, Ekustik, or Konsepti.


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Your trusted partner for the financial and legal sectors.
Elevate your business with our cutting-edge IT solutions, including AI expertise. Whether you’re pursuing digital transformation or custom software development, our experienced team guides you to establish forward-thinking enterprises.

We provide flexible project implementation, offering dedicated full or partial capacities from our teams. With a diverse range of experts, we mitigate risks associated with individual failures, ensuring project continuity.

We, as a distinguished tech-startup incubator, specialise in assisting well-established businesses in scaling up their vision with innovative tech ideas, frequently centred around artificial intelligence.


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Jan Reality

 JAN Reality offers a range of exclusive properties, houses and apartments. Team of experts, embodied enthusiasts specialises in the sale and rental of apartments, houses, land, cottages, hotels, pensions and commercial real estate (not only) in Prague. The offer includes also certified estimates of the market price of real estate.

Partnership is the guiding principle of our work. It doesn’t matter whether we call you a client or a customer, you will be a partner for whom we will work so that you continue to seek out our services in the future. 

The trust and loyalty we have with our clients does not happen overnight. We know that it is based on good communication and openness. Most of our clients come to us on the basis of recommendations from our previous customers, and in twelve years we have traded more than CZK 2 billion worth of real estate through JAN Reality.
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AMA Wear

AMA WEAR offers fashion for people with one breast, available as sewing patterns for download. On this path we wish people with one breast all over the world to be able to wear fashion that suits their unique bodies.

AMA WEAR is a NGO (Czech ¨Spolek) founded in 2023 by Chairman Barbara Pella, and the Board of Directors Magdalena Gräf and Wiegert Smallegange. First amazing steps are set for the realization of fashion designs, please follow the AMA WEAR website to stay updated.


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Care Česká republika

CARE helps people threatened by hunger, poverty, armed conflicts and climate change by implementing long-term development programs that lead to the self-sufficiency of local communities. The focus lies primarily on women and girls. Their development is considered to be a path to peace, higher education for families and the overall prosperity of wider communities. 

CARE provides support to affected people immediately and effectively by providing them with the essentials – food, drinking water, hygiene packages, blankets, tents and medical care. The organisation helps people restore their background, livelihood and cope with traumatic experiences. Setting up preventive measures with local communities ensures that they can better face the consequences of natural disasters in the future.


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Matěj Pokorný
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Johannes Van Wijk

ICT services
Johannes Van Wijk Over 15 years providing ICT services, resources and solutions to various companies, specialized in digitalization and robotics and innovating.

Martin Halada

JUDr. Martin Halada, LL.B. Attorney specializes in the International Commercial Arbitration. Since 2021 founder and managiging partner of his own legal company.

Rien Veraart

Specialises in the export and import of agricultural products for industrial use as well as supplying manufactured metal products for agricultural machinery.

Šimon Buryan

Web Developer
Web Developer in Projects for national Customs administration authorities of Czech Republic, Montenegro, Serbia. Instructor of the Wim Hof Method.

Wilken Engelbrecht

Professor of Dutch Studies at Palacky University, Olomouc. In 2012 he received the Order of Oranje-Nassau from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Gijs Boot
Hans van Capelleveen
Rudolf Fontijn
Vladimíra Pajerová
Jana Pellarová
Laurens Rinkes
Emile Roest
Viktor Spinka
Clemens van Strien
Elias Drakopoulos
Aleš Jakubík
Pavel Šenych
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