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P3 is a long-term investor, manager and developer of European warehouse properties in Europe, 100% owned by GIC, the sovereign wealth fund of the Government of Singapore. P3 is focused on providing customers with a high-class occupancy experience in key locations across the continent. The warehouses developed by P3 are sustainable, environment friendly with renewable energy, to the highest international standards.

With P3's pan-European platform of high-quality logistics warehouses, the retailers, manufacturers and distribution providers get access to key commercial locations.


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Crowdberry a.s. is a leading platform for alternative investing in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with offices in Prague, Bratislava and Košice. The investment platform was established in 2015 in collaboration with Tatra Banka Private Banking. It operates as a professional digital marketplace for entrepreneurs and private investors to provide attractive investment opportunities and support the growth of innovative Czech and Slovak companies.

With more than 3,500 investors and almost €30 million in capital raised to date, Crowdberry fosters an innovative and fast-growing approach to smart growth capital for innovative and dynamic companies and real estate projects, having invested in 19 companies and projects

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Founded in 2015 by Tomas Kozelsky, Alexandra Georgescu, and Viktor Odstrčilík in Brno, Czech Republic, the studio has now an office in Prague and gained both local and international recognition for their unique approach.

This year KOGAA won the DESIGN VANGUARD, the higher recognition in the architecture field for emerging practices, by American magazine Architectural Record. In 2020 the studio was selected by Dezeen Awards among the top twenty architecture practices in the world. In 2019 the founding partners lectured at RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects on the topic of alternative approach to development. The same year the studio won the main prize for workspace design at the BIG SEE awards for their Distillery project, and in 2018 they were chosen as the top ten emerging architecture studios by Archipreneur magazine.


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Nadační fond vzdělávání a podnikání

In the Czech Republic, we create a generation of entrepreneurial youth to whom we assist to develop self-confidence, teach them to work on their own ideas, and help them in their active integration into the business environment so that they can subsequently innovate their surroundings and benefit their community. We create an entrepreneurial Czechia!


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Czech & Slovak Initiative ECR

Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)

Czech & Slovak Initiative ECR z.s. (Efficient Consumer Response /ECR) is a joint activity of retail chains, manufacturers and suppliers. Its main task is to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the supply chain in a sustainable way. The principle of ECR's activities is intensive cooperation of individual members to optimize processes in the retail and logistics sector. We are the Flagship for collaboration, established in 2001.

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Olga Pexídrová
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Adrian Drozdek
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Vítek Janda
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Karel Pivnička
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Steven Slezak
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Matěj Pokorný
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Linda Tejchman
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Šimon Appelt
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Karolína Dědovská
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Matěj Faltus
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Petra Krejsová
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Myriam Zápalová
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Quang Luong
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Gijs Boot
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Clemens van Strien
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Hans Weber
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Elias Drakopoulos
Aleš Jakubík
Pavel Šenych
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