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Atlantis Management

We are an EPC contractor and a member of the Solar Association with a team of 20 professionals, who all have over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. Keeping the health of our planet in mind, we base our work on precision, quality, and cost-efficiency. We use cutting-edge technologies, high quality materials, and sophisticated procedures.

We know how to lower your electricity bill, ensure your energy independence, and reduce your carbon footprint.
All that with an IRR of 12 %.


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Etnetera flow

Etnetera Flow is a leading mobile development company based in the Czech Republic. With years of experience in the industry, the company has established itself as a reliable and innovative provider of high-quality mobile applications, working with prestigious clients such as Škoda Auto, ČSOB, Fortuna, O2 TV, among others. Etnetera Flow offers more than just software development services, providing expertise in project management as well.

As a proud member of the Etnetera Group, Etnetera Flow offers clients access to a wide range of synergistic competencies, including data analytics, CX consulting, digital marketing, web & backend development and AI. Utilizing these, clients can bring their digital products to the next level and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.


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Orgrez Group

ORGREZ Group, a.s, is a privately owned company that brings together companies across all major fields of energy and environmental sectors with its head office located in Brno, Czech Republic. The company focuses on the ownership of strategic interests in key companies in Central and Eastern Europe and coordinates energy projects and develops new technologies.
The ORGREZ trademark has represented professionalism, experience, quality, and innovation for more than 65 years.

In connection with the changes within the market, the gradual transformation of the entire energy sector in the Czech Republic as well as worldwide new trends in the field of renewable sources, it is necessary for the ORGREZ Groups companies to actively prepare for the transition from classic coal-fired power generation and focus on maintaining its market share and competitiveness. The whole process will move towards low-carbon and carbon-free technologies in the future.


Corporate Member

Jan Reality

 JAN Reality offers a range of exclusive properties, houses and apartments. Team of experts, embodied enthusiasts specialises in the sale and rental of apartments, houses, land, cottages, hotels, pensions and commercial real estate (not only) in Prague. The offer includes also certified estimates of the market price of real estate.

Partnership is the guiding principle of our work. It doesn’t matter whether we call you a client or a customer, you will be a partner for whom we will work so that you continue to seek out our services in the future. 

The trust and loyalty we have with our clients does not happen overnight. We know that it is based on good communication and openness. Most of our clients come to us on the basis of recommendations from our previous customers, and in twelve years we have traded more than CZK 2 billion worth of real estate through JAN Reality.
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AMA Wear

AMA WEAR offers fashion for people with one breast, available as sewing patterns for download. On this path we wish people with one breast all over the world to be able to wear fashion that suits their unique bodies.

AMA WEAR is a NGO (Czech ¨Spolek) founded in 2023 by Chairman Barbara Pella, and the Board of Directors Magdalena Gräf and Wiegert Smallegange. First amazing steps are set for the realization of fashion designs, please follow the AMA WEAR website to stay updated.


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