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Inspirational Journey: Learning from Dutch Schools

Imagine a scene at De Meerpaal School in The Hague: around fifty children are outside, playing and laughing. Despite the wind and rain, they spend every break outdoors, enjoying activities like football, exploring playgrounds, and chatting with friends. In the background, two school sheep observe the joyful scene. This is just the beginning of a […]

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Etnetera Flow powers the innovative mobile apps experience in KBC Group’s ČSOB

For over 10 years, Etnetera Flow has been helping the largest bank in the Czech Republic and the entire KBC Group to innovate technologically and develop next-generation services that often transcend the boundaries of traditional banking. We agilely manage the development of the DoKapsy application, contribute to the international development of the virtual assistant Kate, […]

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Huisman Czech Republic modernized welding robot

Now capable of handling 15-ton welded pieces Huisman Czech Republic has upgraded its welding robot at its development and manufacturing facility in Sviadnov. It now assists in producing larger, heavier, and more complex steel components that were previously only weldable by hand. The installation of a multi-axis positioner has also expanded its capabilities in 3D […]

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Experience the Power of Caregiving

Simona Bagarová, Founder and Director of our NGO member MILA, is introducing THE POWER OF CAREGIVING: a workshop that brings a unique experience for anyone who wants to care for their parents, grandparents and loved ones with love and without fear. This 4-hour-workshop can be designed as a truly original ESG team activity for your […]

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GoodCall’s José Kadlec Unveils AI Strategies for HR in New Book, HR Robo Sapiens

A decade after releasing his first bestseller, People as Merchandise, GoodCall Co-founder, José Kadlec, returns with his sophomore work, HR Robo Sapiens, to explore the changing landscape of HR and gives insight into how the mainstream adoption of AI will revolutionise recruitment. Kadlec has spent decades in the recruitment industry, training over 35,000 HR professionals […]

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Czechs prefer satisfaction, work-life balance and mental wellbeing

Randstad’s Workmonitor survey shows that most Czech employees find job satisfaction, work-life balance and mental health support more important than career progression. Their aspiration to managerial positions is below the global average. Unlike workers in other countries, Czechs value job security more than salary when choosing a job. Workmonitor also shows that closing the gender […]

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KOGAA completed JIC HQ retrofit in Brno

In a shared effort to reuse and provide content to existing city properties, Czech architecture studio KOGAA together with the South Moravian Innovation Center have undertaken and completed their second retrofit project in Brno. The facility provides now spaces for an open innovation ecosystem that supports successful entrepreneurs in the region. As experts in alternative retrofit […]

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A year of growth at MEVI-CZ

In 2023, MEVI-CZ celebrated its 25th anniversary of successful operation in international engineering markets. The company saw this as a chance to reach even higher standards and extend the services they offer to both current and prospective business partners. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority for MEVI-CZ. They mainly focus on one-piece or […]

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Huisman crane contributes to clean energy production offshore in Taiwan

Huisman Czech Republic has contributed to the success of a significant renewable energy project in Taiwan. A heavy-lift crane with a capacity of 4,000 tons, whose key components were manufactured at the Sviadnov plant, has entered into operation at sea. The crane is an integral part of the Green Jade vessel, operated by CSBC+DEME Wind […]

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“School often doesn’t prepare children for what awaits them in life”

Interview with Zdeněk Slejška, director of the Eduzměna Foundation They say that school is the foundation of life. At present, however, this is often not true, because educational institutions do not properly prepare children for the lives they will lead in the future. A large number of children openly say that they do not enjoy […]

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