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Diversity in Leadership: Datacruit Unveils Insights from the 2023 Report

Diversity remains a hot topic across society, with a growing push to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. This momentum received further endorsement in November 2022 when European Parliament members approved a proposal advocating for quotas on women's representation in leadership positions. But how does gender representation fare in the Czech Republic? Datacruit […]

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Prestigious awards for HAVEL & PARTNERS in the Law Firm of the Year

HAVEL & PARTNERS wins the Best Client Service and the Best Domestic Law Firm awards in the Law Firm of the Year ranking In the 16th year of the Law Firm of the Year Awards in Czechia, HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm, has again won the Best Domestic Law Firm award and […]

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Ostrava embraces innovation with the contribution of CTP

CTP is bringing the unique CTZone, the Clubhaus community centre, and a sustainable approach A new city area CTZone is under construction in Ostrava, which will be the centre of business opportunities and residential housing. Behind the ambitious project is CTP, a Czech leader among industrial developers, which is simultaneously developing a number of other […]

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SixPointTwo – the best of both worlds

“Dutch entrepreneurship and Czech craftsmanship form perfect combo!”, claims Marco Wielink. Conveyor belts at major airports. Parcel-handling systems for global delivery services and e-shops. Suspension systems for AV displays used for presentations by international companies. Just a few of the systems and products to which SixPointTwo contributes and which are used by people around the […]

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An alliance to promote recycling has been established in the Czech Republic

The Alliance for Recycling Promotion (APPR), a non-profit organisation focused on strengthening and expanding sustainable recycling practices, announces the launch of its official activities on 16 June 2023. The formation is the brainchild of the Syba Packaging Institute and the Czech-Slovak ECR Initiative. The inaugural meeting, which took place on 15 June 2023, was held […]

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With health problems to the doctor, with assets to a multi-family office

When you break your leg, you want the best surgeon or orthopaedic surgeon to take care of you. It should also be similar with the family assets. Their management by experienced professionals is increasingly used, not least because the family successors of entrepreneurs who have managed to build significant wealth over the last 30 years […]

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LitFin is fostering a stronger, united, and resilient Ukraine

As we find ourselves in a world that sometimes seems more divided than united, we are keen to share a venture that we believe bridges gaps and fosters hope. While waiting for review from the Czech National Bank, a new investment initiative is emerging with a focus that goes beyond profit: to stand with Ukraine […]

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AMA WEAR helps the world of inclusivity grow

In cooperation with fashion designers from all over the world, AMA WEAR offers fashion designed for people with one breast who don't want to wear a breast prosthesis, but still wish to feel beautifully dressed. The designs are available for download as sewing patterns on By this, people with one breast worldwide get the […]

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Recruitment Academy's first Winners Summit promises lots of inspiration in HR marketing

Get ready for a unique opportunity that will open the door to the world of HR marketing! On October 3, 2023, the first Recruitment Academy Awards Winners Summit will take place in Prague. The event is the culmination of the Recruitment Academy Awards, which annually recognizes the best HR marketing projects. If you are interested […]

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ORGREZ ECO help companies to conduct business sustainably

The Czech leader in innovative services in the energy sector, a group of technology companies ORGREZ Group has introduced a new subsidiary company ORGREZ ECO. It has expanded the group's existing experience in sustainable energy development, environmental protection, emissions measurement or development of modern technologies to help companies with a high carbon footprint, i.e. energy, […]

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