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23 October 2023

NCCC Traders by Nature announce new leadership

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Wiegert Smallegange

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is pleased to introduce Wiegert Smallegange as its new Director, starting 1 January 2024.

Wiegert Smallegange has been a member of the NCCC Board of Directors for six years, a position he will step down from at the end of October. During a transition period of two months, Wiegert will work closely together with the current NCCC Director, Bastiaan Brouns. On 1 January 2024, Bastiaan will hand over the role of Director to Wiegert and become a member of the Board of Directors.

Pavel Iványi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce, commented: “We are very pleased we have been able to secure the continuity of the leadership of the NCCC. Wiegert and our board are committed to continue the path that has successfully been chosen when Bastiaan started almost five years ago. We want to deliver on our promise to connect people to create a sustainable positive impact. Wiegert has all the experience and knowledge to even enhance the NCCC portfolio and surprise all of us with new initiatives.”

Wiegert Smallegange is a Dutch national who has been living in the Czech Republic for close to 10 years. Wiegert will use his experience in connecting people and effecting growth to the playing field of the NCCC, while continuing to work for Voerman International - a Dutch relocation company - in a part-time role. Wiegert speaks Dutch, English, and German and lives close to Prague with his wife Barbara and teenager twins Tara and Levi.

“Dutch and Czech companies have so much to offer to each other and the role of the NCCC is as important as ever: bring them together, help understand each other and highlight areas where they can support one another. Over the past five years - under the leadership of Bastiaan - we have focused on creativity and innovation with a positive impact. I am honoured to have been appointed in this position and cannot wait to start playing a more active role,” according to Wiegert.

Wiegert Smallegange will work closely together with Iva Šímová and Olga Cikhartová of the NCCC office. Both Iva and Olga have been key to all NCCC activities and their administration for many years, and we are very happy with their continued support.

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