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25 June 2024

Ahrend Wood Hub

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Factory of the future

The opening of the Ahrend Wood Hub is the latest highlight in the journey of Royal Ahrend, leader in sustainable office furniture. In this wood factory, we work with wood made from recycled materials. Ahrend sources wood from sustainable sources (FISP certified) and ensures responsible forestry practices (FSC certified). Production waste is effectively recycled. This is fully in line with the sustainable practices that we have been dedicated to for over 125 years.

Royal Ahrend: 125 years of history

Founded in 1896 in Amsterdam, Royal Ahrend is a leading international company in office furnishings. As a sustainable organisation, we continuously challenge ourselves to make an impact by implementing the principles of the circular economy.

With our roots in Dutch Design and an entrepreneurial mindset, we have expanded our boundaries internationally. Our production locations deliver from Europe to Asia, and customers worldwide seek our services. With over 1300 employees globally, we connect our expertise and innovation as one team. Combined with local craftsmanship, we provide customers around the world with a consistently high level of quality and service.

We create Vitalising Workspaces

Together with our clients we create vitalising work environments in offices, healthcare or educational institutions, or at home. A vitalising work environment provides energy, is comfortable, ergonomically and functionally designed, promotes interactions, fosters connections, and instills pride in employees. This contributes to the success of organisations and a positive work culture.

A vitalising work environment offers many benefits, including: healthier employees and reduced absenteeism, improved performance and higher productivity, better work-life balance and increased engagement.

Vitalising work environments meet three crucial conditions:

  • It promotes the well-being of employees
  • It contributes to sustainability goals
  • It facilitates diversity and flexibility

‘We believe that Vitalising Workspaces attract talent, increase employee experience and are therefore key to the success of organisations.’

Sustainable ambition

As a sustainable organisation, we aim to set a positive example and make an impact by applying the principles of the circular economy. Therefore, we continually work on innovations in our sustainable products, services, and business developments. We invest in increasing the share of recycled materials and refurbished products, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our organisation. Simultaneously, we help our customers in achieving their sustainable goals.

At the Circular Hub in the Netherlands, a 12,000 m2 circular production and services facility, we have concentrated our expertise in refurbishing office furniture. Used furniture that we have purchased or taken back gets a new life here, extending the lifespan of furniture and contributing to a circular economy.

Ahrend Wood Hub

With the Wood Hub in Prague, Royal Ahrend takes another sustainable step forward. In this stat-of-the-art factory, we produce furniture using energy-efficient processes and technologies, and incorporating wood that consists of recycled materials. Ahrend actively strives to minimise the impact of its business activities on the environment, and also contributes to a positive social impact.

Ahrend holds FISP certification, which is awarded to companies that procure wood material exclusively from sustainable sources. It also holds FSC certification guaranteeing that wood used in the manufacture of products comes from sustainable forestry in accordance with environmental, social and economic criteria. All waste is recycled, and advanced ventilation systems minimise pollutants.

Ahrend promotes a company culture of openness, inclusion and ethical behaviour. It also actively promotes initiatives to support the arts, and provides internships to university students. We are also preparing an employment program for disabled people.

‘Royal Ahrend is committed to setting short- and long-term emission reduction targets and to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across their entire value chain by 2050.’

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