How easy is it to save one human being?

Read a story of Mr. Václav who now lives 'a normal life' thanks to 'Treatment Vouchers' (Ošetřenka) by the Salvation Army Mr. Václav was sitting in the waiting room of the Doctor’s Office for the Poor run by the Salvation Army, where he regularly comes for treatment on both feet, which have recently started to […]

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The Huisman Konstrukce team supported the evacuated citizens of Ukraine with a fundraiser

In cooperation with the ADRA Foundation in Frýdek-Místek, our employees announced a charitable fundraiser, in which a respectable amount of CZK 40,697 was collected. The company Huisman Konstrukce, s.r.o., doubled the donated amount after the end of the collection. So we contributed a total of CZK 81,394 and we are pleased that this support is […]

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Young people from Albert spent afternoon with kids from orphanage

Members of Young people from Albert group (YAD) organized visit of kids orphanage close to Prague. Goal of this trip was to get to know better how this kind of organization is working, spent time with children and also improve their knowledge of Albert foundation mission. Members of YAD spent beautiful afternoon together with children […]

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Have you heard of Ošetřenka, "Treatment Voucher" by the Salvation Army ?

We are pleased to inform you about the new campaign of the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic called Ošetřenka, Treatment Voucher. It is a "baby sister" of our campaign Nocleženka, Night Voucher, which members of the NCCC Traders by Nature are already familiar with. Ošetřenka is a voucher worth 250 CZK, thanks to which […]

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UKRCHAM – Press Release

THE UKRAINE-CZECH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (UKRCHAM) ESTABLISHED. IT WILL CONNECT COMPANIES FROM BOTH COUNTRIES. May 11, 2022, Prague The Ukrainian and Czech markets represent a huge potential that the Chamber wants to use significantly better. The initiator of the Chamber is the president of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC), which is already established in […]

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Auction: F1 Red Bull Racing 2021 Team Cap

As part of our celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the NCCC Traders by Nature, we organized a charity auctions of various compelling and/or rare items in support of the People in Need campaign ”SOS Ukraine”. Probably the most atractive auctioned item was the 2021 F1 Red Bull Racing Team Cap signed by Max Verstappen […]

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Albert commits to increase food donations by 20% in 2022

Albert is helping regularly to food banks as well and for this year, committed to increase food help by 20%. This means commitment of 2 300 tons of food donated to people in need, which represents 4.6 million portions of food (1 portion of food counts as 0.5 kg of food according to the standardized methodology). […]

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Randstad starts a cooperation with ADRA. For every new job secured, it will send a contribution to help refugees

The Czech branch of the Randstad recruitment agency and ADRA, a humanitarian organisation assisting people in need, have started working together on a project to help refugees from Ukraine. Randstad, who routinely offers these people jobs on the labour market, now also donates a certain sum of money to ADRA for every job it arranges […]

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Albert distributes a humanitarian aid worth 10 million to Ukrainian refugees

A burning need for fresh and dry food supplies as well as other humanitarian aid is being heard by Albert in the Czech Republic from the beginning of conflict in Ukraine. In close cooperation with the Federation of food banks and People in need, Albert has already distributed more than 190 pallets of food and […]

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Because We Care by Business Lease

We are deeply concerned about the current situation in Ukraine and our thoughts are with all the people who are living through this horrible tragedy, whether fleeing their homes or fighting for their freedom. As a company, Business Lease in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and in The Netherlands, is supporting with what we […]

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