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17 December 2022

Best practice from Dutch schools by Eduzměna

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Eduzměna, a Czech foundation which aims at creating conditions for the implementation of systemic changes in education to improve children’s learning, recently became a member of NCCC Traders by Nature and was also a charity partner of the Prinsjesdag 2022 event. There Eduzměna introduced their current project of a study trip of Czech teachers and school directors to visit Dutch schools.

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a country with the biggest freedom in terms of decisions being taken by schools themselves (in public lower secondary education, 2017). Also, the Netherlands have established a network of service-sharing points providing both pedagogical and non-pedagogical services to schools so that school directors can dedicate 50-80% of their time to pedagogical work and leadership. Whereas in the Czech Republic, the school directors spend 80% of their time with administrative and non-pedagogical work. Therefore, Eduzměna intends to apply the Dutch experience and strives for establishing service-sharing points in the Czech Republic so that school directors do not drown in bureaucracy.

But most importantly, the Netherlands holds 1st position worldwide when it comes to children happiness at school and their well-being. In the Czech Republic, on the contrary, 34% of children do not like going to school at all, which is the highest percentage among the EU countries. Eduzměna firmly believes the systemic change of our education has to start from the shift of climate at schools, so that children can learn fully, with joy and equal opportunities. This way they will leave schools ready for life and challenges of the 21st century.

The study trip to the Netherlands is designed for 40 people – school directors, head teachers, school founders, community/educational leaders and team members of Eduzměna. They will visit up to 15 Dutch schools within one week. Eduzměna is partnering with the Dutch organization Onderwijs maak je samen.

Four objectives of the study trip to the Netherlands

Support of school directors

Eduzměna considers working with directors to be one of the most important areas within their work in Kutná Hora region. In order to be able to support schools in accordance with their needs and offer them the necessary support, they are looking for a suitable form and way of functioning of the “service-sharing point” in the region. Their colleagues from the Netherlands have great and valuable experience in this area.

Integration and work with families with different mother tongue

Although the topic of work and support for children with a different mother tongue has been present in the Czech Republic for some time, it has now become a very topical and burning topic in the context of the war in Ukraine and the large number of refugees in the Czech Republic.

Formative assessment

The general goal of formative assessment is to collect detailed information that can be used to improve instruction and student learning while it is happening.

Networking of regional educational leaders

A total sum of 700,000 Kč needs to be collected so the study trip can be realized in full extent.

Help us change how we teach and support Eduzměna!

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