Digital Transformation

Digital transformation - the incorporation of digital data and digital processes into a business model - is the key enabler of innovation. The Netherlands are one of the EU’s leaders in digital transformation.

Etnetera Flow powers the innovative mobile apps experience in KBC Group’s ČSOB

For over 10 years, Etnetera Flow has been helping the largest bank in the Czech Republic and the entire KBC Group to innovate technologically and develop next-generation services that often transcend the boundaries of traditional banking. We agilely manage the development of the DoKapsy application, contribute to the international development of the virtual assistant Kate, […]

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GoodCall’s José Kadlec Unveils AI Strategies for HR in New Book, HR Robo Sapiens

A decade after releasing his first bestseller, People as Merchandise, GoodCall Co-founder, José Kadlec, returns with his sophomore work, HR Robo Sapiens, to explore the changing landscape of HR and gives insight into how the mainstream adoption of AI will revolutionise recruitment. Kadlec has spent decades in the recruitment industry, training over 35,000 HR professionals […]

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NCCC Traders by Nature announce new leadership

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is pleased to introduce Wiegert Smallegange as its new Director, starting 1 January 2024. Wiegert Smallegange has been a member of the NCCC Board of Directors for six years, a position he will step down from at the end of October. During a transition period of two months, Wiegert […]

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Expanding E-Shops to International Markets: The Importance of Accurate Translations

Almost every growing brand eventually reaches a point where its local "pond" becomes small. At such a time, thoughts of expansion beyond the borders of one's own country appear more and more often. And in the case of e-shops, it could be said that this is quite a simple matter. Or is it? Let’s take […]

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Investing in digitalisation and artificial intelligence is essential for sustainable healthcare, medical experts agree

A major problem facing health systems around the world in recent years has been the increasing shortage of medical staff. As shown by the Philips Future Health Index 2023, the largest global study of its kind conducted among nearly 3,000 healthcare experts in 14 countries, experts see a way out in the implementation and further […]

Read More is helping thousands of people to pursue a career in IT

The platform was created 1 year ago as an initiative of GoodCall and Microsoft to provide individuals with the opportunity to requalify and advance their careers in the world of information technology. Over the course of a year, more than 8,000 people from the Czech Republic have signed up to take part. The platform […]

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Customer Centricity: A Vital Strategy for Long-Term Success and Growth

In the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving market, where customer expectations continue to soar, companies are realizing the crucial importance of focusing on their customers. The concept of customer centricity is gaining increasing recognition as businesses understand that making decisions based on a good understanding of their customers is vital for long-term success and growth. Recognising […]

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Future Port Youth is launching the Future Port Awards

Future Port Youth announced exciting news: it is back, and launching the Future Port Awards. Save the date for the conference on November 9, 2023. Future Port Youth connects students, schools, and teachers worldwide through a live-streamed event. It's free for registered students, schools, and academic institutions, with a suggested donation for others. Join the […]

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Let the machine do the job

Nowadays, you would hardly find a person who wouldn’t know the term Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI.  Throughout the business hub this term is becoming a buzzword. The word, that is promising the world but hasn’t shined yet. Yes, we hear this opinion often from those companies that were using AI at the times when […]

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Safeguard against copied work? Certoo.

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm with an international approach HAVEL & PARTNERS and Artinii have joined forces to come up with an innovation – the online data protection tool With Certoo, you can safeguard evidence against copying or your work against imitation in a minute. Using blockchain technology, you will obtain strong evidence that […]

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