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20 June 2024

The Czech “Save Lunch” Project Is Set To Grow

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As part of its activities, Etnetera Flow is helping to develop a mobile app that connects donors and recipients of food that would otherwise be thrown away. On the occasion of the app's official launch, Save Lunch project manager Denisa Rybářová interviewed Etnetera Flow’s CEO Miloš Felix.

Who is Etnetera Flow and what are its main activities?

Etnetera Flow is a leading technology company specialising in mobile apps development and advanced design. Our most famous implementations include the ČSOB Smart app, which provides modern banking services, the Koší app for convenient online grocery shopping and the MyŠKODA app focused on e-mobility.

Where did the motivation for CSR activities in your company come from?

It comes from our company culture, which is built on three basic pillars: mutual respect, open communication and personal responsibility. These values largely influence our decisions and behaviour in everyday life. As in the past, when we launched the mobile academy project for young talent, our team inspired us to "do good".

I am very pleased that our success in commercial projects opens the door to opportunities to dedicate some of our capacity and know-how to non-commercial CSR projects that are meaningful to us and our community. We believe that responsibility towards society and the environment should be an integral part of every business.

"The Save Lunch project was launched on March 16, 2022. During the first week, 221 portions of leftover food were transported to refugee accommodations."

How did you hear about the non-profit Save Lunch?

After handing over a big project, we had some spare capacity for a while, which I didn't want to lose. So putting more energy into a social service project was the obvious choice for us in that situation.

I think Save Lunch had their first anniversary then, and we noticed the initiative in the media. We are based a short distance from each other in Holešovice, so word got around and after discussions with the team, we decided to support the initiative.

"Now, on average, around 126 meals a day are saved."

What appealed to you so much that you decided to help with this project?

The very first meeting with Save Lunch was very inspiring for us. Apart from the energy and enthusiasm of the team, similar to ours at Flow, the idea of participating in an app connecting donors and recipients of food that would otherwise be thrown away appealed to us all. Savings are made across the whole chain from raw materials to energy and human labour, to the final cherry on top, which is helping people in difficult situations. This initiative nicely connects our values and relationship to food as a team.

At the same time, it gives us a sense of a common goal, to create a simple and user-friendly app that will bring more establishments into the system.

"There are currently 17 donors and 13 charities involved in the project."

Is the Save Lunch project the only project of your CSR activities?

Save Lunch is our second activity in this area. The first one was two years ago when we started supporting a single mothers' club where we help parents and their children.

We completed the Save Lunch app together and recently launched it, what would you wish for it?

I wish it to succeed and do at least as well as our commercial apps. I hope it will attract more establishments who will want to support this great project. I also wish the entire team the best, as they strive to meet the expectations they set and maintain their passion for a good cause.

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