Sustainable Impact

Impact is the new profit. Positive, sustainable impact for all stakeholders, i.e. people, society and the environment.

Best practice from Dutch schools by Eduzměna

Eduzměna, a Czech foundation which aims at creating conditions for the implementation of systemic changes in education to improve children’s learning, recently became a member of NCCC Traders by Nature and was also a charity partner of the Prinsjesdag 2022 event. There Eduzměna introduced their current project of a study trip of Czech teachers and […]

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3 questions for Jitka Andrlíková, Creative Superhero 2021

Jitka, your participation in the first edition of the Creative Heroes Awards Czech Republic was overwhelming and you won the audience by true devotion to your goal: the prevention of various socially problematic phenomena in children. What are you currently up to? We are now mostly devoted to the topic of integration of Ukrainian children. […]

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Flash news from the Czech & Slovak Initiative ECR - Winter edition

Lean & Green Europe Award for CO2 Reduction Commitment goes to Chep! CZ-SK Initiative ECR is the National Partner of Lean & Green Europe, which is the most significant program for sustainable logistics in Europe. Originated in Netherlands 12 years ago, is now available in 15 countries in Europe and Canada. One of more than […]

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Air France-KLM emissions reduction till 2030

The Air France-KLM Group and its airlines are committed to reducing their environmental footprint as part of a transparent and responsible approach to sustainability, including a commitment by Air France-KLM to reduce its well-to-wake scope 1 and 3 jet fuel greenhouse gas protocol emissions by 30% per revenue tonne kilometre (RTK) by 2030 compared to […]

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Albert Foundation Christmas Fairs

Over hundreds of kids from orphanages have been participating at the Christmas Fairs in Albert stores, media outlets and also ministries. This charitable program of Albert Foundation supports communication, marketing and sales skills of kids. It also develops their financial literacy and manual dexterity, while providing them with an opportunity to earn money for their hobbies, […]

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CTP is constructing the most modern office building in Central Europe on a former brownfield site in Brno, with mail going to be delivered by drones

CTP, the largest developer of sustainable industrial-logistics parks in the Czech Republic, is constructing a brand-new office building – building I – in the premium office complex Vlněna, located on the former Brno brownfield site. It aspires to be the most modern building of this type in Central Europe. This iconic building, with its unique […]

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NN supports Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic

2022 has been a year of extensive humanitarian action and aid to the millions of refugees fleeing from war-ridden Ukraine. The Czech Republic instantly became one of the most impacted countries in Europe. The Russian invasion triggered in the Czech society an unprecedented wave of solidarity. We decided to support the relief in this area […]

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Sustainability at KLM

We know flying is not the most sustainable way to travel. Therefore, being an airline comes with a big responsibility. We’re committed to creating a more sustainable future for aviation. Check how we do this and how you can help. Air France and KLM presenting the factsheet 2021 gives a brief, high-over overview of our […]

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Sustainability report – for large companies a duty, for others a necessity

By HAVEL & PARTNERS Carbon footprints, favourable working conditions, anti-corruption rules… Is your company already addressing sustainability and ESG reporting issues? If it is not, it is high time it started. Since last year, you have been able to hear these three letters in a bank when looking for funds for your new projects. Moreover, […]

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Petrol stations a place to charge electric cars and spend time with friends?

This year, Shell is marking the 30th anniversary of the opening of the first petrol station in the Czech Republic. To mark the occasion, Shell Czech Republic asked the public how we will be driving in another 30 years – at a time when Shell plans to achieve carbon neutrality. In addition, Shell also set […]

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