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Alumni networking event of The Netherlands Embassy

You know what they say: it is not important what you know, but who you know. Knowing people often starts with something you have in common; this is the hook that is the start of all networking. Meeting likeminded people with some commonalities in their past and experience could be the start of a meaningful […]

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European Commission and the US announcement on basic principles of new transatlantic framework to replace Privacy Shield

Source: GDPR Legal Alert, 30 March 2022, Weinhold Legal On 25th March 2022 the European Commission and the United States in a joint statement at the highest political level announced an agreement on the principles of a new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework with regard to their transfer from the European Union to the United States. […]

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Abolishment of the Road Tax for all vehicles up to 12 tons of weight

Source: Tax Flash, 25 March 2022, Havel & Partners Authors: David Krch, Martina Sumerauerová, Zuzana Zavadilová As you have probably noticed in the media, the Czech Government announced a package of three major measures in response to the significant increase of fuel as a response to the situation in the Ukraine. As we expect these […]

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Cryptocurrencies and international sanctions

By Hana Erbsová, Attorney-at-Law, HAVEL & PARTNERS Unfortunately, it is no longer just technology and taxes but more recently also the current war in Ukraine that impact the world of cryptocurrencies. Virtual assets, or crypto assets, which include so-called cryptocurrencies, are currently often mentioned in connection with international sanctions against the Russian Federation. Let us […]

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What is the importance of general terms and conditions under Dutch law?

Author: Brigitte Vaňatová, VEEM.Legal. Your Dutch lawyer who speaks Czech and Dutch. April 2022 Many Czech companies are doing business with Dutch companies and vice versa. Practice shows that many companies mainly focus on the contract that contains further agreements, but the general terms and conditions are regularly forgotten. In the event of a dispute, […]

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The NCCC Traders by Nature are looking for a Deputy Director

We are the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce and we are Traders by Nature. Established in 1992 in Prague, we are now looking ahead to 2052. The Dutch competences and head start in creativity, innovation, and circular economy are the cornerstones of our mission to connect people to create a sustainable positive impact on well-being and […]

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Charitable support to Ukraine, and taxes in light of the recently announced Amendment to the Income Tax Act

Authors: David Krch, Kateřina Havlínová, Jan Macháček Source: Tax Flash, 9 March 2022, Havel & Partners In connection with the conflict in Ukraine, we have prepared a tax summary of how charitable support in the form of monetary and non-monetary donations is currently treated from the perspective of both companies and individuals, especially for the […]

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The deadline for submitting a notification of income paid to a foreign country is approaching

Source: Havel & Partner, Tax Flash, 20 January 2022. Authors: Josef Žaloudek, Kamila Chládková Do you know how to complete the form and what to include in the notification? Please note that by the end of January 2022, it is necessary to file an annual Notification of Income Paid to a Foreign Country in 2021 that […]

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Testing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Source: Weinhold Legal, Legal Alert in the field of labour law (7 January 2022) On January 5, 2022, the government approved the issuance of an emergency measure by the Ministry of Health, which introduces new rules for testing for the presence of COVID-19 in employees, self-employed persons, and now also in members of legal persons […]

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Become a CF Hero!

Marek Vosecký became one of our Creative Heroes on 14 October 2021 during the Creative Heroes Award gala. He and his team were awarded the prize in the category impact one on one, impact on a personal scale. CF Hero have developed a motivational smartphone app CF Hero for young people fighting cystic fibrosis. It is an […]

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