Circular Economy

In a circular economic model, waste does not exist, it is considered a resource. The Dutch economy is 25% circular in 2020 and is leading the world, which averages close to 9% circularity in 2020.

Green steel used for the industrial warehouse in CTPark Prague North

CTP, the largest developer focused on sustainable construction of industrial and logistics properties in the Czech Republic, is building some of the most sustainable warehouses in the world in CTPark Prague North. One of the elements contributing to the carbon neutrality of the warehouses is the use of trapezoidal sheets made of XCarb ‘green’ steel, […]

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New highly sustainable industrial-logistics warehouses in a lucrative area near Prague

The first ones will be available in March 2023 CTP, the largest developer in the Czech Republic focused on sustainable industrial and logistics real estate, is nearing the completion of a new building at CTPark Prague North. The warehouse, with the working name D8.7B, will offer 32,000 sqm of facilities upon its completion. The second […]

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Ecology: it’s not just for Earth Day. Czechs increasingly prefer sustainability when shopping

Prague, 22 March 2021 – This year’s Earth Day reminds us that climate change is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges we currently face. Both companies and consumers are beginning to realize this. Customer emphasis on ecology and sustainability has not disappeared despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The regularly performed […]

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Impact Hub introduces ClimAccelerator: a brand-new environmental platform in Europe

The Climate Challenge Acceleration Programme by Impact Hub has transformed into the ClimAccelerator program. The launch of ClimAccelerator program can be described as a real international success. Five organizations from five different countries join a partnership with EIT Climate-KIC, the European leader in green innovations and smart solutions for the protection of our resources. Everyone, […]

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Huisman's pioneering renewable energy storage project is nearing completion

The prototype of the innovative gravity electricity storage system, in which the Czech plant of Huisman participated, takes shape. Despite the very difficult travel conditions due to the global coronavirus pandemic, a team of Czech engineers of Huisman travelled to Scotland to complete the installation of the equipment at the client and performed the subsequent […]

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World first in the Netherlands: first passenger flight performed with sustainable synthetic kerosene

For the first time worldwide, a passenger flight partly flown on sustainably produced synthetic kerosene, was carried out in The Netherlands. This was announced today during the international conference on Synthetic Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) in The Hague. Shell, producer of the sustainable synthetic kerosene and KLM, operating the flight, presented this showcase during the […]

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Huisman successfully completed energy storage equipment

We are happy to announce that our member Huisman Manufacturing has completed the production of energy storage equipment - a control system, a drive unit and two winches, which together will carry a weight of 50 tons. The equipment is for Gravitricity Ltd and has already arrived at its destination to be installed in Leigh, Scotland in […]

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