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27 September 2023

An alliance to promote recycling has been established in the Czech Republic

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The Alliance for Recycling Promotion (APPR), a non-profit organisation focused on strengthening and expanding sustainable recycling practices, announces the launch of its official activities on 16 June 2023. The formation is the brainchild of the Syba Packaging Institute and the Czech-Slovak ECR Initiative.

The inaugural meeting, which took place on 15 June 2023, was held with representatives of the APPR project team and the organisation's ambassadors. This key meeting provided an opportunity for discussion, exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices. The aim was to create a solid base for future work towards promoting and spreading recycling nationally and internationally. Packaging waste is increasing. One solution lies in the circular economy, packaging recycling.

"Our team is energized and ready to take on this challenge. We believe that the Recycling Promotion Alliance will be a key force in driving change in our approach to recycling and contributing to protecting our planet for future generations. The use of recyclates in packaging is of international importance. The Alliance is about collaboration across the supply chain, about inspiration, about sharing know-how. All of this towards a common goal. A sustainable supply chain," says Iva Werbynská, founder and CEO of APPR and the Syba Packaging Institute.

APPR aims not only to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, but also to support research and development in the field of recycling and to establish partnerships with organisations with the same goal. With this vision, our organization is ready to begin its journey and we look forward to the positive impact it can have on our communities and the environment.

"Packaging represents approximately 20-30% of the carbon footprint of products. Sharing expertise and collaborating across the supply chain can help companies achieve their goals towards greater sustainability. GS1 Czech Republic's support in packaging identification and sharing of packaging data based on GS1 standards is also important," explains Tomáš Martoch, Senior Manager ECR at GS1 Czech Republic. Coordination of ECR activities is provided by GS1 Czech Republic.

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