Without innovation, a society cannot prosper. The Netherlands are one of the world’s innovation leaders, based on the strong and sustainable cooperation between business, government and academia.

Sustainability at KLM

We know flying is not the most sustainable way to travel. Therefore, being an airline comes with a big responsibility. We’re committed to creating a more sustainable future for aviation. Check how we do this and how you can help. Air France and KLM presenting the factsheet 2021 gives a brief, high-over overview of our […]

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HR Marketing in 2022 & 2023: necessary and beneficial more than ever

By GoodCall As of August 2022, the Czech Republic’s unemployment rate was 3.4% and is estimated in 2023 to rest at around 3.5% ( This means recruiting candidates, especially quality candidates, to fill vacant positions is extremely difficult and will remain this way for some time. To learn more about how to combat these challenges, […]

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Petrol stations a place to charge electric cars and spend time with friends?

This year, Shell is marking the 30th anniversary of the opening of the first petrol station in the Czech Republic. To mark the occasion, Shell Czech Republic asked the public how we will be driving in another 30 years – at a time when Shell plans to achieve carbon neutrality. In addition, Shell also set […]

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Children in the driving seat of EV future, ABB E-Mobility global research finds

Children are playing a key role in accelerating the switch to electric cars, an ABB E-Mobility study for World EV Day has found Nearly 60% of parents reported being educated on environmental issues by their children, with over two-thirds discussing EV purchase plans with them One-third of US parents who drive an EV said it […]

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Recruitment Academy presents a new unique series of 33 online courses for HR professionals

In a complex and dynamic business environment - where new challenges and opportunities present themselves at a frenetic pace - the most enduring competitive advantage will always be rooted in the people behind the company. Human Resource skills are the key to finding and maintaining a flexible workforce composed of high quality employees. An advantage […]

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KLM unveils new cabin class: Premium Comfort

At the end of May at Dutch Open 2022, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines presented its new Premium Comfort Class, an intermediate cabin offering more space, luxury, service options, comfort and privacy than Economy Class, at lower prices than World Business Class. The new Premium Comfort Class allows KLM to more closely meet the needs and […]

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Meet the founders of successful companies at Crowdberry's investors evening, 31 May 2022

The traditional Crowdberry investors’ evening is finally happening in person again! The event will take place on 31 May 2022 at 18:00, this time in the new Crowdberry premisses in the city center: in the historical building of the Harrachovsky palac, Jindrisska 20. We will introduce several companies that are currently fundraising their growth investment […]

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Ján Balog, Trebitsch Whisky: ‘The new product portfolio is only the beginning’

With the arrival of master distiller Ján Balog at Trebitsch Whisky, no stone, or should we say bottle, has remained unturned. The seasoned technologist has set out to make some dramatic changes, and it might even be said that Trebitsch Whisky as we have known it thus far is now a thing of the past. […]

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Huisman provides groundbreaking technology for geothermal energy projects

Building on its extensive experience in designing and building equipment for the Offshore Drilling market, Huisman also designs and delivers equipment for drilling geothermal wells. The very small footprint and containerised design ensure excellent mobility and make it ideal for use in high density urban areas. Previous projects include the drilling of geothermal wells in […]

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ABB secures $30 million order for satellite imaging technology helping detect environmental changes in near real-time

In its largest order in the private space sector, ABB will supply multispectral imaging systems to Canadian data and analytics company EarthDaily Analytics Satellites equipped with ABB’s technology will be launched starting in 2023, enabling unprecedented daily global coverage of Earth’s ecosystems High-quality imagery enabled by ABB’s technology will provide near real-time information about natural […]

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