Peer Coaching Program for Leaders

In cooperation with our member Hackerly, we have brought a number of peer learning workshops to you in the course of past months, during which you had an opportunity to value the experience of this unique method of personal growth. Let's take this one step further now! With Hackerly, we would like to invite you […]

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Recruitment Academy delivers all-year online education in HR and more

As a response to the ongoing pandemic, educational institution Recruitment Academy has transferred their courses into the online world at the beginning of the year. The result was a new educational program called Digital HR Leaders containing 25 online courses in the English version and 33 in the Czech version. The program brings together 12 […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'GDPR in human resources'

In the webinar, we will focus on the personnel agenda and how the obligations set by the GDPR in the processing of employees' personal data affect it. 12 May 202110:00 - 11:30 We will use practical examples to explain when it is necessary to have the consent of the employee and when, on the contrary, […]

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Recruitment Academy presents a 10-month online educational program for HR professionals and more

After successfully transferring to an online teaching mode in 2020 as a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, educational institution Recruitment Academy is further exploring the possibilities of online education for Czech and foreign markets. For 2021, the institution has introduced an online program called Digital HR Leaders Virtual consisting of 30 online courses delivered by […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Looking back at the labour law case law of 2020'

In this webinar, lecturers from Weinhold Legal will guide you through the labour law case law introduced in 2020 which you should pay attention to. 19 January 2021 10.00 - 11.00 Deadline for registration: 17 January 2021 Please note that the webinar will be held in the Czech language. Register here - invitation & details For […]

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Recruitment Academy offers online education for HR professionals during lockdown

Before Covid, Recruitment Academy , who specialize in education and certification in the field of recruitment, organized 90% of their trainings face-to-face. In spring 2020, when the lockdown came into effect, José Kadlec, the founder and CEO, has utilized his IT engineering skills and years of experience with social recruitment and talent sourcing and started […]

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Why is multilingual recruitment becoming so popular?

Multilingual recruitment is the practice of hiring employees who can speak two or more languages. It is an increasingly popular tactic in the workforce.  Therefore, with the rise of multilingual recruitment in the business market, it is necessary to understand the value that lies behind its popularity. More specifically, multilingual or international students and graduates […]

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Special offer recruiting (remote) talent from College Life Work

Our new member College Life Work is ready to help all members of NCCC Traders by Nature with recruiting (remote) talent at any price that you are willing/able to pay. If there are companies that require immediate assistance, College Life Work can offer the following services: Coaching / Advice on the topic of / Remote […]

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Employers: ready to increase wages up to 15% and hire majority of people for permanent positions

Majority of companies in the Czech republic (over 90%), are ready to offer up to 15% higher salary, to attract and retain talent. The companies that are most opened to improving the salary package, are those in the manufacturing/industry sector as the latest Randstad HR Trends Survey states. 61% of surveyed companies plan to hire […]

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