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25 March 2024

GoodCall’s José Kadlec Unveils AI Strategies for HR in New Book, HR Robo Sapiens

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A decade after releasing his first bestseller, People as Merchandise, GoodCall Co-founder, José Kadlec, returns with his sophomore work, HR Robo Sapiens, to explore the changing landscape of HR and gives insight into how the mainstream adoption of AI will revolutionise recruitment.

Kadlec has spent decades in the recruitment industry, training over 35,000 HR professionals and co-founding companies such as GoodCall, Datacruit and Recruitment Academy. All three of these companies are members of the Czech AI association, showcasing their commitment to the intersection between AI tech and human resources.

With over 500 pages, this book teaches HR professionals about mastering the skills necessary to be an effective ‘AI-powered and tech enhanced HR pro, a so-called “HR Robo Sapiens”’. HR Robo Sapiens demonstrates how AI strategies can streamline processes such as talent sourcing, LinkedIn utilisation, and employer branding as well as advising the reader how to use almost 100 different AI software packages such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Whisper and more.  As Kadlec states, “The current narrative isn't necessarily about replacing the HR professional but enhancing their capabilities with AI (and other automation tools), resulting in increased productivity”.

Available now, HR Robo Sapiens empowers HR professionals to enhance their skills with emerging technologies. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds supports brain cancer research. If you’re ready to navigate the merger between HR and AI and gain invaluable skills, order HR Robo Sapiens now.

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