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25 June 2024

Evening donations by Albert

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Albert has focused on food waste for years and has become the largest corporate food donor in the Czech Republic. Now, the retailer is expanding its help even further. Evening Donations is one of the new, exclusive collaborative projects between Albert and food banks, and it is helping to bring more fresh food to people in need.

Last year, Albert donated 3,500 tonnes of food to food banks and this year has committed to exceed 3,800 tonnes. This is not the only reason why Albert launched a pilot project in selected stores in the Czech Republic and Moravia to donate fresh food in the evening hours, which will reach the kitchens and plates of those in need on the same day.

We are pleased that together with Albert we are looking for other opportunities for cooperation, such as evening donations or financial support for projects or operations of individual food banks", says Aleš Slavíček, Chairman of the Czech Federation of Food Banks.

Last year, 35 stores took part in the pilot and, by the end of the year, had donated 25 tons of food. Community social kitchens, shelters for families in crisis, and sheltered housing are primarily involved in the donations, where they are able to process and use the food immediately. Currently, a total of 70 Albert stores across the Czech Republic are involved in the project.

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