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8 December 2023

Diversity in Leadership: Datacruit Unveils Insights from the 2023 Report

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Diversity remains a hot topic across society, with a growing push to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. This momentum received further endorsement in November 2022 when European Parliament members approved a proposal advocating for quotas on women's representation in leadership positions. But how does gender representation fare in the Czech Republic? Datacruit has compiled the Diversity Report 2023, offering results from an examination of gender diversity in leadership roles using public data from LinkedIn. Explore the latest statistics below.

Gender Balance in the Czech Republic

While other European countries actively support gender equality, the Czech Republic lags significantly behind, as evident in its 25th position out of 28 member states in the Gender Equality Index. Over the decade, the country has fallen eleven spots, with a gender equality score of 57.9 out of 100. Only Hungary and Romania fare worse. The Czech Republic’s lowest-scoring domain is power with only 30.2. Although initially resistant to the question of women in leadership, the Czech Republic is gradually improving, with companies starting to follow international trends by appointing more women to leadership positions.

Highlights from the Diversity Report 2023

Datacruit's Diversity Report 2023 delves into the gender diversity landscape in Czech companies. Using publicly available LinkedIn data from 550 thousand women and 1 million men, the report provides a detailed overview of gender representation in four key areas - All Leadership Positions, Leadership by Industry, CEO Positions, and C-Level Positions.

Gender Representation in Leadership Roles: A Sneak Peek

  • Overall, women represent 30% of leadership roles in the Czech Republic, showing a decline by 1% since 2022
  • 80% of women in leadership roles have over 10 years of experience
  • Human Resources is the only industry where the majority of leaders are women (60%), Marketing is close behind with 47% of women in leadership
  • Most often, women in CEO roles have been in their position for 2-5 years, while most men have been in their CEO roles for over 10 years

The Road Ahead: Gender Quotas and Directives

With recently approved directives impacting recruitment, preference is to be given to candidates of underrepresented gender in a company, provided they are objectively as qualified as candidates of the opposite gender. The hope is that these directives and quotas will contribute to the increased presence of women in leadership roles.

For more detailed insights and the complete Diversity Report (in Czech), visit this website.

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