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22 June 2023 is helping thousands of people to pursue a career in IT

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The platform was created 1 year ago as an initiative of GoodCall and Microsoft to provide individuals with the opportunity to requalify and advance their careers in the world of information technology. Over the course of a year, more than 8,000 people from the Czech Republic have signed up to take part. The platform offers free courses that cover a range of topics related to IT infrastructure, app development, data analytics, cyber security and more. This is the first project of this type and scope in the Czech Republic. Its creators believe that they will be able to motivate people from other fields to pursue a career in IT.

The Czech labor market has been struggling with a lack of IT specialists and as the demand is expected to keep on increasing, there is an opportunity for more innovation to increase the number of attractive candidates. Companies' job requirements already show a growing emphasis on digital skills, even for positions such as warehouse workers, where proficiency with barcode scanners and working with ERPs is required. "90% of job adverts list digital skills requirements ranging from knowledge of Microsoft 365 tools to the ability to evaluate data and use IT systems," explains Milan Novák, CEO of GoodCall, adding: "The nature of work changes every 12 to 18 months, people need to keep learning to maintain or ideally increase their value in the job market. We are moving into an era of working and learning at the same time. You can no longer have one without the other."

At the end of 2022, managed to enter the Slovak market with Over the past few months, the courses have already attracted over 2,000 Slovak students. "The aim of this project is to give everyone access to technological education that can help them take the next step in their career - regardless of their background or current level of knowledge," says Pavol Kubaska, Managing Partner at GoodCall Slovakia and coordinator of

The goal of the program is to meet as many people interested in a career in IT as possible, regardless of whether they are already experienced professionals in other fields or just recently graduated. That is why the program is free for participants thanks to Microsoft. For those interested, it also offers the opportunity to obtain an internationally valid certification after completing the individual modules. The certification has a clear benefit for the holder, as it defines a specific level of knowledge and increases appreciation on the job market. The future employer knows exactly what kind of know-how is involved. The and programmes are modular and can be studied online according to the time possibilities of each individual.

GoodCall continues to regularly add new courses and features for its core audience - those looking for an introduction to technical topics or to deepen their existing knowledge base. To learn more about, sign up for one of the available courses and visit or!

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