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Join the exclusive Executive Forum at Prague European Summit

Prague European Summit, a yearly summit about European integration co-organized by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission, Office of the Government, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and Institute for International Relations would like to invite you to the summit’s Executive Forum. Executive Forum is the most exclusive reception format for 20-30 participants on […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Legal aspects of leases and acquisitions of commercial real estate'

The webinar will focus on solving legal issues in real estate transactions and leases of commercial real estate, which Weinhold Legal encounters in practice in the implementation of client projects (structuring transactions, legal inspections, preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation, etc.). 21 April 202110:00 - 11:30 Deadline for registration: 19 April 2021 Please note that […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Practical aspects of software licensing and SaaS'

This webinar aims to provide participants with insight into licensing issues (including "software-as-a-service") and help them navigate. Emphasis will be placed on the practical aspects that we most often deal with in practice. 30 March 2021 10:00 - 11:00 We live in a digital age, when we perform a large part of our work and […]

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Hiring a UK Financial Services Provider in the Czech Republic? There's a catch...

How will the cross-border trade in services continue? After the announcement and publication of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (‘TCA’) between the United Kingdom and the European Union, there was much discussion about the absence of provisions on the ability of UK and EU financial services firms to provide financial services into each other’s […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Transparency according to GDPR'

The webinar will be focused mainly on fulfilling the information obligation towards data subjects, which is faced by every personal data controller. 18 March 2021 10:00 - 11:30 The speakers will comment on both best practices for fulfilling the information obligation and new trends that are emerging in this area in the Czech and international […]

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Your bank account frozen by a creditor: what to do?

Brigitte Vaňatová, VEEM Legal In the Netherlands it is possible for unpaid creditors to freeze the debtor's assets to safeguard the debtor’s ability to pay. Bank accounts are a popular example. Freezing them by obtaining a ‘conservative attachment’ court order is a pressure tool which is often used by creditors. This attachment of the bank […]

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Travelling between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands from 5 February

Travelling between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands will become more complicated starting this 5 February. For reference to the above table: The Netherlands has been categorised as a red country by the Czech Ministry of the Interior. In response to the new coronavirus variants and the subsequent EU coordination measures, the Czech government adjusted […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Insolvency from the perspective of the debtor's management'

Due to the economic downturn caused mainly by measures against the spread of coronavirus, there is an increase in the number of subjects which find themselves in or on the verge of bankruptcy. How to proceed properly if your company is in trouble? You will learn all this in this webinar. 10 February 202114.00 - […]

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Weinhold Legal invites to a webinar 'Looking back at the labour law case law of 2020'

In this webinar, lecturers from Weinhold Legal will guide you through the labour law case law introduced in 2020 which you should pay attention to. 19 January 2021 10.00 - 11.00 Deadline for registration: 17 January 2021 Please note that the webinar will be held in the Czech language. Register here - invitation & details For […]

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Vacancy at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague: Policy Officer

Job category Policy Officer Cultural Diplomacy / Public Diplomacy / Trade and Economic Affairs Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities) The Netherlands Embassy in the Czech Republic is looking for a policy officer for its integrated policy team (2,5 fte). The policy officer will initially work on cultural and public diplomacy and press affairs. After the […]

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