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22 December 2021

Become a CF Hero!

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CF Hero

Marek Vosecký became one of our Creative Heroes on 14 October 2021 during the Creative Heroes Award gala. He and his team were awarded the prize in the category impact one on one, impact on a personal scale.

CF Hero have developed a motivational smartphone app CF Hero for young people fighting cystic fibrosis. It is an inherited incurable genetic disease causing especially deterioration of lung functions. The course of this disease can be slowed down by demanding therapy which includes everyday long inhalations and physiotherapy. Thanks to the CF Hero app, it is easier for young patients to stick to the therapy even when they feel well.

Community feature in the CF Hero app

CF Hero are now creating an interactive community module where the users will be able to interconnect, share their results, support and motivate one another.

Patients with cystic fibrosis cannot meet in person while there is a risk of exchanging dangerous bacteria that could cause health complications and faster lung deterioration. That is why they often feel lonely in their daily fight. 

Thanks to your donation CF Hero will be able to successfully complete the CF Hero Community. For this gesture of generosity you will receive a virtual badge for your social networks’ profile picture.

You can donate here (English in EUR) or here (Czech in CZK).

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