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18 May 2022

Alumni networking event of The Netherlands Embassy

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Alumni meeting NL Embassy Prague 2018

You know what they say: it is not important what you know, but who you know. Knowing people often starts with something you have in common; this is the hook that is the start of all networking. Meeting likeminded people with some commonalities in their past and experience could be the start of a meaningful relationship to mutual benefit.

Our Young Professionals Charter aims at this: it can provide you with an effective network and different experiences with various organisations and at all kinds of events.

Luckily we are not the only ones with such a focus. We are very pleased that The Netherlands Embassy in the Czech Republic is again organising their annual Alumni event. Truth to be told: they have been doing this much longer than we have been working on our Young Professionals Charter.

If you have the Czech nationality and you obtained a university degree in The Netherlands, or you studied at a Dutch university as an Erasmus student, this Alumni event is for you. You can meet likeminded and similarly adventurous Czech young professionals at the Ambassadors Residence at Slavíčková 10 in Prague 6 on 31 May from 17:00.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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