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26 March 2024

Etnetera Flow powers the innovative mobile apps experience in KBC Group’s ČSOB

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For over 10 years, Etnetera Flow has been helping the largest bank in the Czech Republic and the entire KBC Group to innovate technologically and develop next-generation services that often transcend the boundaries of traditional banking. We agilely manage the development of the DoKapsy application, contribute to the international development of the virtual assistant Kate, and now also grow our role in the development of the key Smartbanking application. This long-term partnership serves as an example of trust cultivated over time through technological excellence, focus on customer experience, and effective project setups.

Mobile application DoKapsy makes your everyday life easier

The mobile application DoKapsy serves as a laboratory of innovative tools, intended for both ČSOB clients and the general public. Since 2019, we at Etnetera Flow have successfully implemented access to parts of smart banking, payment cards, and discount coupons, as well as purchasing public transport tickets, parking, and fueling at gas stations within the application. Thanks to its innovative features and our agile development, the application has garnered over 300 thousand users and high ratings in the app stores.

ČSOB SmartBanking is the core banking app

In a multivendor environment, we are now also collaborating on the development of a key mobile application - SmartBanking. We focus on native iOS and Android development or consultation on SAFe methodology management.

Virtual Assistant Kate saves clients time and effort

Clients just click in the ČSOB Smart or CEB Mobile apps and tell Kate what they need. Kate assists clients with voice commands or through chat to handle many everyday requests regarding payments, insurance, cards, etc. Additionally, Kate can brighten up your day with a joke.

Etnetera Group is guiding companies in their digital transformation

The actual collaboration with ČSOB began with our sister company Etnetera Activate implementing Adobe Analytics and comprehensive digital analytics, covering both ČSOB and its subsidiaries. As a result, ČSOB and its subsidiaries have insights into user behavior and can quickly respond to their needs. We also provide data for immediate use, which call centres flexibly use to contact users regarding incomplete requests. With changes in privacy legislation (GDPR, ZEK), we have also helped the entire ecosystem prepare for the new obligations arising from them.

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