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Ján Balog, Trebitsch Whisky: ‘The new product portfolio is only the beginning’

With the arrival of master distiller Ján Balog at Trebitsch Whisky, no stone, or should we say bottle, has remained unturned. The seasoned technologist has set out to make some dramatic changes, and it might even be said that Trebitsch Whisky as we have known it thus far is now a thing of the past. […]

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GoodGroup. We fell for recruitment!

When we founded GoodGroup eight years ago, our main idea was to raise the level of recruitment and awaken the world of recruitment. GoodGroup includes the GoodCall recruitment agency, the Recruitment Academy training platform, Datacruit recruitment software provider, the revolutionary recruitment platform, and Genixa – a non-profit organization. GoodCall. HR Consulting agency At GoodCall, we […]

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Albert distributes a humanitarian aid worth 10 million to Ukrainian refugees

A burning need for fresh and dry food supplies as well as other humanitarian aid is being heard by Albert in the Czech Republic from the beginning of conflict in Ukraine. In close cooperation with the Federation of food banks and People in need, Albert has already distributed more than 190 pallets of food and […]

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Dialog Media project for Czech Railways attracted millions of fans, even from around the world

The national train operator Czech Railways received the award for the Most Viewed Digital Project in Transport in 2021 in the Czech Republic. A record 30 million views and more than 100,000 subscribers were attracted by the content of the online platform Pohled z vlaku (View From Train), developed and operated for Czech Railways by […]

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Cryptocurrencies and international sanctions

By Hana Erbsová, Attorney-at-Law, HAVEL & PARTNERS Unfortunately, it is no longer just technology and taxes but more recently also the current war in Ukraine that impact the world of cryptocurrencies. Virtual assets, or crypto assets, which include so-called cryptocurrencies, are currently often mentioned in connection with international sanctions against the Russian Federation. Let us […]

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What is the importance of general terms and conditions under Dutch law?

Author: Brigitte Vaňatová, VEEM.Legal. Your Dutch lawyer who speaks Czech and Dutch. April 2022 Many Czech companies are doing business with Dutch companies and vice versa. Practice shows that many companies mainly focus on the contract that contains further agreements, but the general terms and conditions are regularly forgotten. In the event of a dispute, […]

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Huisman provides groundbreaking technology for geothermal energy projects

Building on its extensive experience in designing and building equipment for the Offshore Drilling market, Huisman also designs and delivers equipment for drilling geothermal wells. The very small footprint and containerised design ensure excellent mobility and make it ideal for use in high density urban areas. Previous projects include the drilling of geothermal wells in […]

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P3 Logistic Parks leases first building in P3 Ostrava Central to Linde Material Handling

P3 Logistic Parks, leading investor-developer and long-term owner of logistic real estate in Europe, has found its first tenant for its commercial and industrial park P3 Ostrava Central. Linde Material Handling will rent 2,200 m² on the brownfield site located in the immediate vicinity of the Lower Vítkovice area. P3 just started the construction work […]

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ABB secures $30 million order for satellite imaging technology helping detect environmental changes in near real-time

In its largest order in the private space sector, ABB will supply multispectral imaging systems to Canadian data and analytics company EarthDaily Analytics Satellites equipped with ABB’s technology will be launched starting in 2023, enabling unprecedented daily global coverage of Earth’s ecosystems High-quality imagery enabled by ABB’s technology will provide near real-time information about natural […]

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Get in touch with MEVI

The variability of the MEVI production portfolio puts significant demands on the expert knowledge and skills of our colleagues, who form a well-coordinated team capable of taking on any challenge. In our case we can clearly admit that it’s the team and its craftmanship that brought us where we are today. We are creative and […]

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