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Tomáš Míček is a new Head of Retail Sector of CBRE Czech Republic

CBRE, the world’ leading commercial real estate company, appointed Tomáš Míček (39) the Head of the Retail Sector effective from 1 October 2020. Tomáš also continues in his previous position as Head of Property Management Retail. His main goal now will be to unify and connect the operation of the individual services that CBRE provides […]

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KLM and TU Delft present successful first flight of the Flying-V

The scale model of the Flying-V - the energy-efficient aircraft of the future - has flown for the first time. A year and a half ago TU Delft and KLM announced the start of the design of the Flying-V during IATA 2019 and after extensive wind tunnel tests and ground tests it was finally ready. […]

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The 21st annual EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 in the Czech Republic is underway

EY is looking for the 21st EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 in the Czech Republic, who will compete with entrepreneurs from all over the world. The organizers are seeking entrepreneurs who will impress the competition judging panel not only with their financial results, but mainly with their engaging entrepreneurial story. The competition is in […]

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Voerman offers the first CO2 neutral move in 2021

Changing the global mobility industry Over the course of the last decade, the amount of global movement of people and goods has significantly increased in the light of a growing demand for specific talent across country and continent borders. Contrary to the positive economic benefits of this mobility demand, the ecological impact of the increasing […]

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Albert prepared a new generation of shopping in supermarkets

Jesenice features fresh inspiration and convenience under one roof End of July was the date when Albert opened up a new chapter in convenient shopping. Its new supermarket in Jesenice aims to set new trend and presents innovations like a dry misting, self scanning with mobile app and hand devices and self checkouts zone. Though […]

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Building freeze – renovation of real estate

By Brigitte Vaňatová, VEEM Legal Anyone who wants to renovate real estate (office real estate, retail real estate or residential real estate) needs a permit from the municipality. Unfortunately, if the municipality grants a permit, this does not mean that you can still carry out the renovation without any obstacles. The neighbours can stop the […]

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ING posts 2Q/2020 net result of €299 million

ING actively supporting customers, employees and society during Covid-19 pandemic With most staff still working from home, ING is actively supporting customers, employees and communities and continues to engage with governments and regulators to support recovery Our digital model enabled continued growth in primary customers by 156,000 ING 2Q2020 result before tax of €542 million […]

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Philips: Demystifying EcoDesign – and the impact when we get it right

By Robert Metzke, Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy and Head of Sustainability, Philips All over the world, we are seeing a growing consensus that it’s ‘now or never’ when it comes to saving the planet for the generations to come. The time for talking is over. As the public and private sectors explore what […]

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Air quality on board of KLM aircraft

KLM aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, ensuring high-quality, clean cabin air that is regularly circulated. The air in the cabin is replaced every three minutes by the aircraft’s air-conditioning system, with airflows circulating top-down, thereby even further reducing the chance of “horizontal” transmission. Furthermore, passengers all sit facing in the […]

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KLM Network update: recovery of destination offer, capacity lags far behind

The European network of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will grow in the coming months from 72 destinations in July to 91 destinations in August, September and October. The number of intercontinental destinations will increase from 51 in July, to 59 in August and 61 in September and October. As a result, KLM offers its customers […]

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