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Support Harbour Homes by the Salvation Army with us

Have you ever wondered how people experiencing homelessness end up? What might they experience when advanced age or serious illness is added to their time on the streets? Unfortunately, the end of these people is often very bleak, which is what the Salvation Army is trying to prevent. That is why the Harbour Homes service […]

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Peer Coaching Program for Leaders

In cooperation with our member Hackerly, we have brought a number of peer learning workshops to you in the course of past months, during which you had an opportunity to value the experience of this unique method of personal growth. Let's take this one step further now! With Hackerly, we would like to invite you […]

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TaxForum – online conference by EKP on 23 November 2021

Our member company EKP cordially invites you to the first-year online conference called “TaxForum”, which they are preparing in cooperation with Wolters Kluwer ČR. Get prepared for the forthcoming tax and accounting changes of 2022 and the expected developments of 2023-2025 in the accounting and tax field. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there […]

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Huisman successfully tested their 3D printed crane hooks

Huisman has successfully tested four new 3D printed 350 mt crane hooks according to the strictest criteria, and under the supervision of the independent certification authority Lloyd's Register. The hooks are approx. 170 by 130 cm in size, have a weight of 1,700 kg each and a loading capacity of 350 mt. Each hook exists […]

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Thinking ahead with Mevi

Our member Mevi has many years of experience in the field of production, this is why Mevi can always think along with you. Basically, the ability to think with you can be divided into two areas. Firstly, in the area of cost reduction. Mevi always tries to ensure that unnecessary costs are avoided. Secondly, Mevi […]

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KLM’s response to the European Commission’s Fitfor55 proposals (Green Deal)

KLM supports the EU’s goal of becoming the first continent to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 wholeheartedly. We therefore welcome the Fitfor55 package as part of the European Green Deal. Our full support can be relied upon for measures in this package that will truly help the airline industry to become more sustainable. The challenge […]

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KOGAA won Design Vanguard 2021 by Architectural Record & ranked among TOP 100 Architects in the Czech Republic

One of our latest corporate members, KOGAA Studio, is thrilled to have been named one of Architectural Record’s 2021 Design Vanguard Winners. ‘The Design Vanguard award honors 10 emerging practices advancing issues of form, construction, sustainability, and community engagement. These young firms—each less than a decade old—from across the U.S., Mexico City, Seoul, Czech Republic, […]

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Chamber members, do your thing

Changemakers are tenacious about the greater good. They are committed to something bigger than themselves and believe progress is always possible. ING is bringing you the collection of stories shine light on the people whose mission is to build a future proof world through collaboration and with innovative ideas. During June and September we share […]

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Team Workshops in Virtual Reality (VR)

Immerse your whole team into virtual reality and experience teamwork in a totally new way. XR Leaders, a project co-founded by the NCCC member Future Port Prague, offers 3-hour workshops in VR for teams of 5-15 people including delivery of VR headsets to everyone. It will leave you thinking about where virtual reality can improve […]

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Generation Z is the future of entrepreneurship: Join us in creating entrepreneurial Czechia!

Even before successfully passing his final high school exam, David Stančík developed the Daruju krev app, which motivates blood donors and saves lives across the Czech Republic. Unlike his peers, he was not afraid to talk about his business plan, which led him not only to successfully cooperate with hospitals and closing new promising partnerships, […]

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