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10 June 2024

Huisman unveils its largest crane yet, standing at 225 meters

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Huisman Czech Republic has achieved a significant milestone by designing and manufacturing its largest fully assembled crane to date. The equipment was specifically designed for BMS Heavy Cranes, a global supplier of cranes and heavy lifting equipment, and will be used for installing large wind turbine generators.

"We successfully completed the entire project on schedule and with excellent quality. All crane components, from design to production, were completed in Sviadnov, with only a few crane components sourced externally. The crane was then transported, assembled, and put into operation in Denmark," expressed Karel Pavlíček, Managing Director of Huisman Czech Republic, enthused about this significant milestone for the company.

"A significant portion of the work was carried out using automation. At the Huisman Czech Republic facility, we utilized welding robots, which efficiently welded parts exceeding 15 meters," explained Tomáš Zamarski, Lead Project Manager, adding, "The welding robots performed an impressive 60% of welding operations, a ratio that significantly exceeds what is typical in traditional manufacturing."

The crane consists of over 150 main weldments and various smaller components. During the manufacturing process, a series of parts needed to be assembled. "At the Sviadnov facility, we successfully implemented and thoroughly tested the crane's comprehensive control system. Testing was conducted on a specialized track that precisely mimicked the crane's real movements," said Karel Pavlíček.

The crane's large dimensions required transporting individual components from the Czech Republic to Denmark, where the complete crane was then assembled. A total of 150 trucks were used for transportation, with 92 of them specially designed for oversized cargo transport. The transported object had a maximum length of 20 meters and a width of 4.5 meters.

Experts from Huisman Czech Republic were present on-site and actively contributed to the installation and commissioning process.

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