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ORGREZ Group, a.s, is a privately owned company that brings together companies across all major fields of energy and environmental sectors with its head office located in Brno, Czech Republic. The company focuses on the ownership of strategic interests in key companies in Central and Eastern Europe and coordinates energy projects and develops new technologies. The ORGREZ trademark has represented professionalism, experience, quality, and innovation for more than 65 years. In connection with the changes within the market, the gradual transformation of the entire energy sector in the Czech Republic as well as worldwide new trends in the field of renewable sources, it is necessary for the ORGREZ Groups companies to actively prepare for the transition from classic coal-fired power generation and focus on maintaining its market share and competitiveness. The whole process will move towards low-carbon and carbon-free technologies in the future.

The group strategy is to coordinate energy projects worldwide and focus on the development of new technologies for environmentally friendly energy generation. ORGREZ Group with a wide range of certificated laboratories takes one of the lead roles for CO2 measure reporting, analysing, and development of strategies for the reduction of CO2 emissions in connection with new EU sustainability reporting, focusing on the first pillar of the ESG framework. ORGREZ is the company that will find a solution and will guide you on an efficient path from your current energy consumption and production towards cost-optimized production and consumption and CO2 production.

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