VEEM Legal

VEEM.Legal is a Dutch law firm, run by Brigitte Vaňatová, a Czech speaking Dutch qualified attorney at law. The law firm is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is specialised in International Trade law including Contract law as well as Real Estate law. VEEM.Legal understands that the needs of Czech businesses and can help your business activities in the Netherlands in your own language and at competitive rates. For example, if you need legal advice on Dutch law or have a dispute with a Dutch counterparty.

VEEM.Legal provides litigation and advice to several companies who do business in the Netherlands. VEEM.Legal acts for numerous companies – from small and medium sized enterprises to big corporations, including exchange listed companies. It can act both as attorney-at-law and on an interim basis if legal support is required. It has a substantial track record. On a regular basis VEEM.Legal offers legal seminars to Dutch and Czech companies and it publishes relevant legal articles. VEEM.Legal is a part of an international network and it has a good collaboration with DKVA, an Amsterdam law firm. DKVA is ranked as a Top Ranked Law Firm by Chambers Europe, and which is part of the international network of The Global Lawyers and The Toledo Group. The collaboration offers access to a broad range of legal services to your business. VEEM.Legal has been recognised and appreciated by many clients for truly putting clients' interest first.  Furthermore, VEEM.Legal cooperates with the Czech Embassy in The Netherlands and several (international) trade organisations.

Contact Person

Brigitte Vaňatová

Phone Number

+31 (0) 6455 20 644

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