CARE Česká republika z.s.

We help people threatened by hunger, poverty, armed conflicts and climate change. We also implement long-term development programs that lead to the self-sufficiency of local communities. We focus primarily on women and girls. We consider their development to be a path to peace, higher education for families and the overall prosperity of wider communities. We provide support to affected people immediately and effectively. We provide them with the essentials – food, drinking water, hygiene packages, blankets, tents and medical care. We remain at crisis sites for a long time even after the media ceases to be interested in the area. We help people restore their background, livelihood and cope with traumatic experiences. We are setting up preventive measures with local communities so that they can better face the consequences of natural disasters in the future.

We support endangered communities to become independent, we teach them how to adapt to changing climate conditions in the economy. We also provide them with targeted educational courses on health care, nutrition, hygiene, financial literacy and economic self-sufficiency. In the Czech Republic, we focus on helping SMEs, with a special focus on women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from Ukraine that had to flee their country.

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