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26 March 2024

Huisman Czech Republic modernized welding robot

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Now capable of handling 15-ton welded pieces

Huisman Czech Republic has upgraded its welding robot at its development and manufacturing facility in Sviadnov. It now assists in producing larger, heavier, and more complex steel components that were previously only weldable by hand. The installation of a multi-axis positioner has also expanded its capabilities in 3D printing applications.

Alongside the robot's modernization, the robotic workstation itself underwent renovation. "We expanded it with a new traveling track, a second column with a robotic arm, and also with new positioners. With these enhancements, we can fabricate welded pieces up to 24 meters in length and weighing up to 15 tons, surpassing the previous limitations of the robotic system. The new welding robot has become an essential part of our production, significantly impacting the efficiency and quality of our products," stated Antonín Jedinák, Welding Leader at Huisman Czech Republic.

The expansion of the workstation also includes modern hi-tech upgrades, including the 3D camera "ArcEye" (which scans for deviations in real-time), automatic torch and brush changer for robotic weld cleaning. Special emphasis was placed on the installation of the multi-axis positioner, bringing revolutionary possibilities in the field of 3D printing using the WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) method. This innovation allows for optimal positioning of printed components.

"In practice, we have already successfully tested the multi-axis positioner in welding demo parts for our clients, achieving not only higher efficiency but also the production of high-quality and precise products," summarized Karel Pavlíček, Managing Director of Huisman Czech Republic, adding: "The robot excels, for example, in creating components for crane truss frames and other complex parts."

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