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4 October 2012

EXACT supports Czech glass

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Exact became the main partner of a significant event in the glass industry field this year – International Glass Symposium (IGS). Event will take place from October 4 to October 7, 2012 in Nový Bor and it will be possible to see work of many significant Czech and foreign glassmakers and designers there.

Besides Czech beer, Franz Kafka and probably also Vaclav Havel is Czech glass undoubtedly one of the most significant identification signs of Czech Republic abroad. It is also viewed as unique crafts tradition and art form, which was build for centuries and handed down from generation to generation.

Company Exact focuses in the long-term on the support of middle-sized business with international activities – including companies in manufacturing sector. We consider the glassmaking industry as a significant part of Czech industrial experience and one of our long-term goals is to support this Czech industry, therefore we have decided to support IGS.

From participating in this event Exact expects creation of awareness about our company among glass making companies. Glassmakers’ symposium is a traditional event, which attracts attention of the wide public and thus it is advantageous for us to connect our name with the event.

Czech glass went through some rough times during the last several years and now it is necessary to work continuously on its fame renewal. Breaking through with craftsmanship in competition with cheap and automated production requires mass education and practical demonstration – same it will be during the upcoming international glassmakers’ symposium.

We wish Czech glassmaking industry to be able to sell; because this art is necessary for success in these days. It requires getting into people’s awareness and convincing them that the Czech glass products are something to have. This was the case with other national phenomena which became globally demanded thanks to clever marketing strategy.

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