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11 May 2013

EMONEY GROUP entering the Czech market

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International Company EMONEY GROUP took over a part of Haguess Company portfolio related to smart cards projects in the Czech Republic. EMONEY GROUP is worldwide leading company on the field of digital ecosystems – multi-application link among micropayments, transport systems, municipal and other services. 

EMONEY GROUP develops, implements and operates systems in areas of micropayment solutions, transportation and municipal services based on modern technologies. EMONEY GROUP core business areas are smart card and other mobile solutions for municipalities, regional governments, transport and retail businesses; covering mainly ticketing, micro-payment, e-ID, and e-Vouchers applications.
Czech market has in this meaning a considerable potential. Access to innovative solutions micropayments, transport applications and municipal services in the Czech is on the very high level and people in this area are creative and provide a number of novel ideas. Our group has a very rich experience from abroad, so I believe that we will implement a number of interesting projects in the Czech Republic," said EMONEY GROUP Director of Strategic Development Christian Senly.
Experts from EMONEY GROUP successfully implemented B2B and B2C projects in the United States, Asia and Europe. Unlike companies providing solutions in similar areas, EMONEY GROUP do not blindly apply a global solution, but always take to account cultural differences and especially the possibilities and needs of specific local markets. EMONEY GROUP uses its own software solutions and systems of worldwide leading players, as well as local suppliers of such solutions. EMONEY GROUP is a company that brings global worlds together locally.
"We build and operate state-of-the-art digital ecosystems, primarily for transport and municipality services. Our commitment is to meet both consumer needs and program owner reality, by delivering compelling value propositions to all parties concerned: local government institutions, public services, technology providers, service operators and foremost citizens" said Christian Senly.
The international team leading EMONEY GROUP has more than 10 years of relevant experience in the business. The company is mainly active in Europe (from East to West), Latin America, and South East Asia. The head office of EMONEY GROUP is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.
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