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30 April 2020

Unique new testing in retirement homes

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Management for NGOs

Our member, Management for NGOs, has been actively involved in helping seniors in the past month. In three weeks, the organisation collaborated on the creation of 20.000 face masks, hundreds of litres of disinfectant and loads of protective gear and equipment for 45 facilities for the elderly.

Now, Management for NGOs is about to start with testing.

The chief epidemiologist of IKEM (Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine), MUDr. Petr Smejkal and RNDr. Karel Drbal, PhD. prepared a unique seniors' testing project. Unlike the so-called antibody tests that determine a person's response to an infection, a new test (that has not yet been implemented in the Czech Republic) focuses on detecting outbreaks and thus preventing them.

In this new test, the collection of saliva is a matter of seconds and the subsequent processing (done by medical professionals) and evaluation using a special application is a matter of a maximum three hours. The ambition of the test is to offer the Czech Republic a widely usable test that can provide citizens with a completely new and unique approach that will protect their health.

The pilot phase of the project costs CZK 1.200.000. If you are interested in attaching your brand name to it, a detailed presentation can be shared with you, on request, by the Head of Management for NGOs, Simona Bagarová (, 777 584 026). Your helping hand with this outstanding project with its high publicity value will be much appreciated.

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