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29 March 2020

#SOSeniors: Help the ones that need our help the most

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Our NGO member Management pro neziskovky launched a special fundraising campaign for retirement homes. Seniors play a big role in their projects and that is why they are asking us - and you - for help.

On Friday, in cooperation with the Karel Janeček Help Fund, they've launched a fundraising campaign to help senior retirement homes entitled DOMOVY SENIORŮ VOLAJÍ SOS.

This call for help is really urgent as:

  • seniors are the most vunerable age group;
  • the risks in senior retirement homes are significantly higher than in hospitals;
  • if the disease spreads in senior retirement homes, its consequences will be tragic.

The main goal is to provide senior retirement homes with the maximum amount of disinfectants for floors, surfaces as well as for staff members. Also, they need disposable gloves, protective suits, screens between beds, etc. Every step is consulted with MUDr. Petr Smejkal, the epidemiologist from IKEM (Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine).

Management pro neziskovky is aware of the fact that there is a shortage of these supplies in the market. They are negotiating with several partners to secure larger volumes. At the same time, they realise that it is not possible to keep on giving everything for free forever. 

"We are convinced that in most cases companies do their utmost, but they are also responsible for their employees. That is why we want to buy these things at discounted prices and distribute them immediately. Do you have a contact to a manufacturer of any of the above mentioned supplies? Please share it with us!"

You can also contribute financially here.

For this fundraising, speed truly matters. It's really about minutes. Please, share with us contacts to manufacturers of protective gears and disinfectants, as well if you can help us financially, it would be extremely appreciated. By any contribution, you can truly help to protect the lives of people who can no longer live without our help.

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