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26 February 2020

What happens when a few idealists share a unique vision

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Leaders, innovators, enthusiasts, kids, parents, students... the whole region is expecting the fourth year of Future Port Prague to be great.

But do they even know how Future Port began? Do you?

Martin has a dream

A dream to inspire people to open up to and take advantage of the amazing possibilities technologies provide today. He wishes people understood the challenges technology brings. He wants us all to become a part of a debate and search together for better solutions.

Martin put a team of same-minded people together, and they started building FPP from scratch in 2017. Romans idealistic view attracts hard-to-get speakers, who then fill up Roman’s exquisite program of the whole event. Michael is good at explaining the Future Port’s idea to partners who then benefit from participation. Caty makes sure everything runs smoothly and the user’s experience of the event is seamless. Eva with her marketing team is just magic happening in front of our eyes. Although young, Milan can deal with many exhibitors’ needs at the same time.

Future Port believes it is immensely important that people in this part of the world know and talk about emerging technologies that will turn our businesses and lives upside down. You may think of it as a preparation for what awaits us.

Same same but different

FPP is not the only futuristic tech event in Europe, let alone in the world. Here’s a short overview of the best conferences and festivals you can visit if you’re a tech enthusiast in Europe:


A Hungarian futuristic festival promises a nice experience under the June sun in Budapest. And it delivers. Brain Bar covers topics from business, art, politics, even parenting, food and technology.


Who wouldn’t want to stroll down the streets of Paris? Tech and startup event, Viva Technology, gives you a reason to visit the city. It’s more business & innovation-oriented. 

Web Summit

The conference has earned its respect. It brings together people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Born in Ireland, Web Summit is worldwide now, Lisbon being the place for European companies, CEOs, startups, etc.


Slush started as a 300-person assembly with a mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs. Today, Slush is a community of true global magnitude. It’s focused on entrepreneurship. Spotted in Helsinki.


Webit celebrates business and professional connections. It’s a one of its kind B2B and B2G festival and tech fiesta. Webit takes place in sunny Spain, in June.

The main reason why Future Port stands out

Future Port is similar to the events mentioned above in many ways. It is also focused on businesses, connects leaders of companies and start-ups, discusses recent hot topics and shows the latest technologies. But one aspect is unique to Future Port, one stands out…

Future Port helps people by democratizing access for all.

Changes are happening as you read this post. A Tesla drives by. An artificially intelligent robot operates a human body, a drone delivers food to remote areas. That’s now.

People need to be able to deal with these changes. How? They become aware of them. 

Future Port brings and picks the brains of some of the brightest minds in their fields. People who actively shape trends that will affect our lives in untold ways. Plus, we’ve assembled an exciting collection of some of the most interesting technological innovations you can touch.

Top-class speakers usually come only to the highest reputation events. And they are far from cheap. Our vision, that goes beyond profit, attracts these masterminds. They want to support this region and help bring Prague on the European tech map. Allowing masses to access this important information inspires speakers to come despite not being paid their usual fees. So that wannabe innovators and students can afford a ticket too.

„Such a superb atmosphere helped by great speakers and very beautiful weather, but mostly, what an awesome team to work with, the right amount of controlled and manic energy... I’ll write about my experience and share with you.“

Simon McDermott, Business development director /

„Future Port is the best business event of the year for us. Last year we took a prototype of the space Monitor. Just for a test. One hour after the opening of the festival, we had an appointment at Škoda auto and by the end of the day another 60 contacts to companies that wanted to improve the working environment. Ideal proof-of-concept and a product-market fit.“

Jindřich Fialka, The greenest company

„Future Port Prague – delivers on the promise with breakthrough insights on the future of work, feeding a billion, cellular synthesis of meat, expanding into space, etc.“

Peter Ivanov, executive coach of virtual power Teams

„It was much more than I had expected. You’re doing such a wonderful job of bringing this advanced level of content to the people of the Czech republic. Over time you will see that your impact will be deep and far-reaching.“

Ambuj Jain, founder of feed a Billion
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