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27 June 2022

Weinhold Legal advised LitFin on the entry of a strategic investment partner

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Weinhold Legal advised on the entry of a strategic investment partner into LitFin.

LitFin is a leading provider of litigation finance and is now a major pan-European player in this area after only a few years. LitFin generally pays litigation-related costs in return for a share of the successful recovery. It is mainly involved in litigation relating to damages for breach of competition rules and in technology litigation.

LitFin has been joined by a strategic partner, a fund from the United States, which invests exclusively in the litigation sector. It is one of the most prestigious funds in this area. It has over one billion dollars under management.

Maroš Kravec, managing partner of LitFin, commented on our cooperation: "Weinhold Legal have been with us since our inception and have helped us grow to our current investment, which is in the lower tens of millions of dollars. They have also supported us in one of our long-standing international cases, when we closed our first settlement with one of the largest multinational corporations of its kind in early June."

The Weinhold Legal was led by Martin Lukáš, in cooperation with Tomáš Čermák and Karin Konečná.

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