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20 August 2020

Voerman offers the first CO2 neutral move in 2021

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Changing the global mobility industry

Over the course of the last decade, the amount of global movement of people and goods has significantly increased in the light of a growing demand for specific talent across country and continent borders.

Contrary to the positive economic benefits of this mobility demand, the ecological impact of the increasing amount of travels and shipment is also deeply felt. Considering that the average emission on an international shipment is 860 kilograms - roughly 1.896 pounds - of CO2, one can only imagine the actual emissions considering the number of global expats is above 56 million people.

Voerman is one of the leaders of the so-called global mobility industry, headquartered in The Hague and with offices in Prague, Moscow, Johannesburg, Jacksonville and Kuala Lumpur. With more than 30 years of experience, Voerman relocates, every year around 10.000 talents of multinationals globally. Voerman agrees that the global mobility industry needs to change ecologically, and endeavors to be the first with a C02 neutral move in 2021. How will Voerman realize this? In Q1 2021, Voerman will launch a program to its international clients and partners.

Compensating and improving

This will be an all-new sustainability program for the moving and global mobility industry that not only compensates the emission of individual moves, but that structurally changes how these moves are performed.

A significant increase in sustainability of moves is achieved by:

  • Full compensation of CO2 emissions across assignments - through responsible forestry projects in developing countries
  • Incorporating state-of-the-art move tech applications within the workflows of moving companies - structurally preventing unnecessary use of paper and additional CO2 emissions caused by traditional ways of working, such as physical home visits of the expats.

Everyone Benefits

Short-term and structural sustainability increase
Full compensation of CO2 emitted for a move and incorporation of relocation & moving technology to change the traditional move process into a modern and sustainable workflow

More efficient workflows for service providers
While relocation & moving technology renders traditional move processes such as pen and paper administration and physical surveys obsolete, digital exchange of information also means an incredible increase in efficiency.

Better customer experience for assignee
Video services, digital reports, such as packing inventory lists enable timesaving, easier sharing of information, easier reference and easier administration. Resulting in a smoother, easier and more enjoyable moving process for the international assignee.

Insights and reporting – keep track of the compensations
Clients will have full insights of compensations through the online portal to check the compensation and audit status of these moves. By the end of the year, clients will receive an official audited certificate – an official proof of the compensations of the whole year.

The ‘how’: the all-in-one-sustainability fee

This Voerman program combines full CO2 compensation access to the latest relocation & moving technology for the complete move in one attractive fee.

This program enables a significant increase of sustainability of companies’ global mobility programs, while at the same time improving the mobility experience of clients and expats thanks to the use of the latest relocation & moving technology during the moving process.

Interested in this sustainable program offered by Voerman, please contact Wiebe van Bockel:

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