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13 September 2021

The value of the HAVEL & PARTNERS Group is almost CZK 2.3 billion

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According to an analysis prepared by the consulting firm Patria Corporate Finance, the value of the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS, including the Slovak office and the training Academy, is almost CZK 2 billion. According to the analysis, the valuation of the entire group, including the collection agency Cash Collectors and other entities within the entire group, is almost CZK 2.3 billion. The valuation was commissioned by HAVEL & PARTNERS in connection with the firm’s 20th anniversary.

The valuation was made by the renowned consulting firm Patria Corporate Finance on the basis of income and comparative company valuation methods. As part of the analysis, it determined the total value of the HAVEL & PARTNERS Group at CZK 2,289 million as of 31 December 2020. This is more than double the value from 2014, when the valuation of the group was last made on the basis of the study.

“The valuation confirms our extremely strong position in the Central European legal market, as a value of over 2 billion is quite exceptional for a law firm operating in only two jurisdictions. The firm’s continuous economic growth since its foundation and its long-term economic stability are also a confirmation for our clients and business partners that they are working with a maximally trustworthy firm with minimal risk,” said managing partner Jaroslav Havel.

According to the analysis, the high value of the valuation is based on the fact that HAVEL & PARTNERS is the largest independent law firm in Central Europe and has been the most successful law firm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for a long time in terms of ratings and awards. The firm’s long-standing, strong legal team with extensive know-how in almost all areas of law, broad portfolio of clients, unique business development and CRM system, and strategic financial management and marketing also contribute to the firm’s reputation and high value.

Regular valuation of the firm enables the firm’s management to gain an overview of the current value of the group, which contributes to optimal strategic decisions in managing the firm and financing its development. The long-term exceptional economic condition and successful management of the firm is also confirmed by the Bisnode AAA highest creditworthiness certificate, which HAVEL & PARTNERS received in 2020 in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, confirming the reliability and creditworthiness of the firm and placing it among the most economically stable firms on the market.

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