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15 September 2021

The shortlisted nominees for the Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic 2021 are known!

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Platinum partners of the Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic are ŠKODA AUTOImpact Hub, and ING Czech Republic. Gold Partners are NN, Albert and Future Port Prague.

The Creative Heroes Award focuses on the impact of creative thinking. It focuses on the person that leads the change, on the person that has the courage to stand up and challenge the current

status quo. It zooms in on the creative process itself and on the people behind new concepts and innovations that have sustainable positive impact on people, society, and the environment.

Peter Olah, Chair of the jury and Head of Interior Design (EDI) – Architecture, UX/UI, Colour & Trim at ŠKODA AUTO says: “We were spoiled with no less than 80 nominees for the Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic 2021 across five award categories. The challenge was to evaluate the impact of each project, especially since the nominees came from such a broad spectrum of society. We had many good discussions that led to what we think is a balanced and fair judgment of all nominees.”

Gesina Roters, Co-Chair and Partner & Creative Director at DAY Creative added: “We have judged the impact of people and their creative thinking in areas such as health care, science, business and engineering. It is not always simple and straightforward to compare them, especially when the reach of the impact – on an individual, local, regional, national, or international level - is also part of the equation. All nominees are winners that lead the way into our sustainable future in one way or another.

The Creative Heroes Award 2021 nominees are, in alphabetical order of last name:

In the category 1 : 1 – Impact on an individual scale

  • Eliška Podzimková – Epodzimkova
  • Sara Polak – Disrupt House
  • Linda Šejdová – Snuggs
  • Kateřina Vacková – Loono
  • Marek Vosecký – CF Hero

In the category 1 : 1,000 – Impact on a local scale

  • Jakub Balada – Apify
  • Lucie Částková – CoPlay
  • Nela Ďopanová – Fpohybu
  • Petra Masopust Šachová – Institut pro restorativní justici
  • Karolína Presová – Replug me

In the category 1 : 100,000 – Impact on a regional scale

  • Jitka Andrlíková – Forum pro prožitkové vzdělávání
  • František Fabičovic – Obora Obelisk
  • Zuzana Gombošová – Malai Biomaterials Design
  • Dagmar Malá – Centrum péče Doubrava
  • Stanislav Martinec – Koma Modular

In the category 1 : 1,000,000 – Impact on a national scale

  • Pavol Čekan – MultiplexDX
  • Tomáš Čupr – Rohlí
  • Karel Kovy Kovář – Influencer
  • Jakub Nešetřil – Cesko.Digital
  • Josef Průša – Průša Research

In the category 1 : 1,000,000,000 – Impact on an international scale

  • Martina Bacíková – Institut ekonomického vzdělávání
  • Jan Bareš – Trash Hero
  • Leon Jakimic – Lasvit
  • David Karásek – mm cité
  • Cyril Klepek – CYRKL Zdrojová platforma

The Creative Heroes Award is more than just a ceremony, it is a programme that focuses on creating sustainable social impact. The Award event is one part of this journey, the possibility for the winners to enter an Accelerator Programme by Impact Hub is a second.

Thirdly, the Creative Heroes will have the opportunity to present themselves during the next edition of the Future Port Prague event, the largest innovation event of its kind in the Czech Republic. A special Creative Heroes pavilion will be created to further promote the visibility and exposure of the Creative Heroes and support them on their journey.

The Creative Heroes Award event will be a live event that will take place at the ŠKODA Museum Conference premises in Mladá Boleslav on Thursday, 14 October 2021. People will be able to meet physically and be inspired; not just by the stories of the Creative Hero nominees but by sharing experiences, knowledge, best practices, and contacts. The power of creativity is fuelled by people.

Platinum partners of the Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic are ŠKODA AUTO,  Impact Hub, and ING Czech Republic. Gold Partners are NN, Future Port Prague and Albert.

Table partners are the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in the Czech Republic, Shell , TMF Group, Randstad, the Athos Group, Družstevní závody Dražice and Fri-Service.

Get your tickets here and join more than 200 people in the gala event and networking parties.

Or become a partner (tickets included) and contribute to sustainable positive impact, internally and externally.

For more information on the Award programme and partnership benefits, please visit or in Czech

The Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic is organised by the NCCC Traders by Nature, the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please contact: | + 420 774 002 021

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