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15 December 2022

The new EKP from 2023

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After seven years in the accounting and tax world, EK Partners has established itself as a respected player in the market with year-on-year growth. In addition to managing tax and accounting for its clients, it has also ventured into the field of education, where it is professionally involved in organizing courses, seminars and conferences.

EK Partners will enter the new year with a big change for the entire company. As of January 1, 2023, the company will bear the name EKP Advisory, s.r.o., with an updated visual identity, including the logo.

"We are a consulting company and we operate in the field of tax and accounting. And it is in this area that we want our clients and the public to perceive us as experts. That is why we have changed. Nothing else has changed in our company," explained Jan Kotala, the company's managing director.

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