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23 August 2018

Albert: The children from the orphanages from Litoměřice and Duchcov spent a day at the zoo

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The Albert Foundation invited children from two orphanages from the Ústí nad Labem Region to a holiday visit to the Prague zoo. In the morning, the kids tried a cognitive game about animals from all over the world. Both teams competed successfully and won a set of encyclopaedias for their home. After lunch small visitors walked through all the zoo.

8-2018_The Albert Foundation invited children from orphanages to the zoo

In front of the zoological garden in the Prague Troja, nearly two tens of children from orphanages in Litoměřice and Duchcov arrived at the invitation of the Albert Foundation. The Foundation has supported children from a socially endangered environment in the long term. "We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the hobbies, leisure-time activities and education of children throughout the year. And because the summer is about experiences, we decided to prepare one of them to children," said Petra Režná from the Albert Foundation.

In the morning at the zoo children played an educational game based on information from the Atlas Animal Book for Children from the current Albert Loyalty Campaign. "The aim of the game was to link the facts from the book to the real world of zoo animals and learn something new," said Petra Režná. The captains of the two competition teams became the favorite moderators from the radio Petr Říbal and Ondřej Urban, who led children through the whole game, advised and shared their own experience.

Both teams succeeded in the educational game. As a reward, the children got a complete set of encyclopaedias for their orphanage from the fourth continuation of the campaign Children's Library. After lunch, everyone enjoyed the afternoon in the zoological area according to own ideas. "Thank you very much for the beautiful day, it was a great holiday experience, about which children are still talking," commended organizers Lenka Čermáková, an educator of the orphanage in Duchcov.

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