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29 April 2021

Strive for a carbon-neutral life with ZASAĎ ŽIVOT - "PLANT A LIFE"

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Recently, we started our Young Professionals Charter with the aim to attract young talent to the NCCC Traders by Nature and help them become the leaders of tomorrow. We appointed eight Young Professional Ambassadors and two of them, Olga Pexídrová and Martin Šimáček, have taken it upon themselves to fight deforestation in the Czech Republic. Zasaď život combines carbon offsetting schemes with campaigns explaining to the broader public the impact their actions have on our nature and the future of our planet.

Zasaď život helps individuals and companies meet their sustainability goals and live a carbon-neutral and environmentally conscious life. It is their mission to:

  • Combat climate change and prevent deforestation in the Czech Republic
  • Give the chance to make a change to everyone, not just companies
  • Educate people about the effects of deforestation and climate change

The most remarkable thing about their website is that you can "start planting" straight away by calculating your own carbon foodprint (for you as an individual or for the family) in about 30 seconds. You can then offset your carbon footprint each month by "planting", i.e. ordering, the sufficient number of trees directly from their website. Of course, you can also skip this step and start planting straight away at 120 Czech crowns per tree.

According to Zasaď život, by planting one tree, you are saving approximately 400 kg of CO2 over the tree's lifetime, the equivalent of 45% of an average individual's monthly CO2 footprint. One tree also brings shelter to more than 25,000 animal species, according to Zasaď život.

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