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17 June 2022

Recruitment Academy presents a new unique series of 33 online courses for HR professionals

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In a complex and dynamic business environment - where new challenges and opportunities present themselves at a frenetic pace - the most enduring competitive advantage will always be rooted in the people behind the company. Human Resource skills are the key to finding and maintaining a flexible workforce composed of high quality employees. An advantage in HR expertise resonates across every aspect of a business, making it invaluable to understand the latest trends and learn how to position yourself at the forefront of HR developments moving forward.

Digital HR Leaders 2.0 by Recruitment Academy is a new unique series of 33 online courses, presented and curated by 30 renowned and innovative professionals across HR and other related industries. These courses are personally crafted by experts, not only to present the newest and most relevant information in their area of expertise, but also to synergize together into a fully comprehensive education in the modern world of HR. This powerful educational tool would be available at your fingertips in a flexible, self-paced, online environment.

It is not the first time that Recruitment Academy, the Czech educational institution for HR and recruitment professionals, has taken a step towards offering an all-round digital education. Check out last year's English series with 20+ online courses.

Who is this Program for?

An up-to-date and comprehensive HR education is a powerful tool for virtually anyone in the world of business, so this program would be an excellent fit for a wide range of careers. The content is designed for HR Specialists, HR Generalists, HR Managers, Recruitment Managers, Talent Acquisition Managers, HR Directors, Recruiters, Recruitment Consultants, Talent Sourcers, Hiring Managers, and other similar careers. Any business aiming to recruit the best employees, any HR leaders preparing for the challenges of the rapidly evolving business climate, or anyone seeking to become a competitive HR professional in a new era of the field should consider taking advantage of this resource.

A prospective or current HR junior could utilize this program to acquaint themselves with the industry from the perspective of the most creative and experienced experts. They could demonstrate their willingness to approach the complexities and challenges in their future career by educating themselves on trends that extend beyond the traditional HR skillset. They could separate themselves from their peers and accelerate their opportunities by taking the initiative to invest in their skill development.

An HR senior could utilize this program to refresh their view of the current HR climate, ensuring they - and their team or business- are up-to-date on the latest trends that could keep them competitive in a dynamic environment. Beyond understanding these current trends, they could learn how to approach HR from the perspective of a trend setter. Rather than staying complacent with an approach to HR that is currently sufficient, they could unlock strategies to create trends themselves that position their business for the future.

A business or manager aiming to equip their employees with a comprehensive and forward-looking HR skill set could take advantage of the Company Full Pass, an option to unlock a cheaper price for the program if purchased for more than 2 people in the company. This allows businesses to invest in more of their personnel at an even more competitive price point. In case you are looking for a specially-curated education for your employees based on your current needs, one option would be to book a company training session and choose your own topic and speakers.

What are the Benefits of this Program?

The advantages of the program extend beyond just the quality and relevance of the content. The program is designed top-to-bottom to allow participants to take advantage of the content in whichever learning style and on whichever timetable best suits them.

Once the program is purchased, you receive unrestricted online access to the entire catalog of courses, allowing you to move through the content at whatever pace works best for you. If you are already an employee or student with a set schedule, you don’t need to worry about rigorous rescheduling to fit this program in. You can learn from anywhere, even the comfort of your home.

Professionals may be enrolling in this course in order to directly advance their careers, and the program has functions to make this as easy as possible. We can send reports to managers that show how much of the course content has been completed, making training progress easy to communicate. Once all the courses are completed, you earn a certificate that can be added to your resume. This allows you to bolster your qualifications on paper alongside your growing skillset.

Insight into the Content

            You may still be wondering about what specific skills and content these courses explore. The Recruitment Academy page offers a complete breakdown of specific courses and their specific instructors.

The content is highly diverse and detailed, but it is grouped into seven categories representing areas at the forefront of HR training:

  1. Digital Recruitment focuses on innovative techniques for harnessing digital tools and platforms to take recruiting to the next level, as well as how to apply traditional recruiting principles to an evolving business climate.
  2. Digital Future focuses on cutting edge developments in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and neuroscience that will inform HR approaches moving forward.
  3. Digital HR discusses how to harness new trends surrounding core HR functions, such as employee onboarding, benefits, and development, in order to keep employees educated, understood, and satisfied.
  4. Digital Leadership teaches HR leaders to shape an agile approach to HR that can transform a dynamic business climate from a challenge into an advantage.
  5. Personal Developments in the Digital Age features diverse discussions of changing workplace dynamics, the rising emphasis on employee lifestyle, and the importance of personal fulfillment in careers.
  6. Recruitment of Digital Experts specializes in sourcing, recruitment, and hiring of IT professionals, who will be essential for every business in the digital age.
  7. Digital Employer Branding focuses on the importance of presenting the strength of a workplace as a brand, using salient tools such as company podcasts, Canva, and TikTok.

            You will be able to digitize and automate key HR and recruitment practices, reach competitive employees in key fields more efficiently, improve your personal productivity, and strengthen the workforce around you. Even more importantly, this program will ultimately give you the skills to harness future trends in numerous fields across the world of business towards an agile and innovative approach to HR. If you feel like you are ready to take on a bigger challenge, consider getting an internationally recognized HR certification in a 2-day or 4-day program.

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