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27 March 2023

Recruitment Academy Presents a New Look of Global Certification Training Certified Sourcer & Certified Recruiter

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Recruitment Academy's global certification training Certified Sourcer & Certified Recruiter is back in May and June 2023 with a new makeover combining both pre-recorded and live courses and presenting new speakers. The program is designed for recruiters and other HR professionals who want to improve their skills and learn the latest recruitment techniques.

The new makeover includes a revamped curriculum that includes 30+ hours of content and covers topics such as sourcing strategies, candidate engagement, diversity and inclusion, and employer branding.The program features a diverse lineup of 11 speakers who are leaders in their respective fields, such as José Kadlec (Recruitment Academy), The Lokenbergs, Milan Novak (GoodCall), Romana Martincova (Red Bull) and Jan Muehlfeit, the ex-president of Microsoft Europe. They will share their best practices and tips to help recruiters excel in their roles.

Participants can choose between two levels - Certified Sourcer (RACS) and Certified Recruiter (RACS+R). The first level (RACS) includes 17 hours of training with 5 experts and covers topics such as candidate life cycle, talent mapping, recruitment automation, approaching candidates and diversity recruiter. The fully loaded RACS+R training includes 30 hours of training with 11 experts and adds topics such as employer branding, effective interviewing techniques, psychodiagnostic tools and recruitment metrics.

In the past, the Certified Sourcer & Certified Recruiter training has been attended by dozens of HR professionals from all over the world. Daniel Szelinski, Talent Magician at Sencloud, said “I was able to learn a lot about recruitment in general. The part about unconscious bias was very interesting. Also, I learned I had some gaps in diversity knowledge. The training confirmed that what I do in sourcing is the right way to do it.” Vildana Deljkic Velasco Rico, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Popcorn Recruiters, believes “the Recruitment Academy training covered all important topics within recruitment.” Participants who complete the program and successfully pass an online test will receive a certificate that is supported by the Recruitment Academy advisory board and company credibility partners such as Nestlé, L'Oréal, Deloitte, Faurecia and others.

The new format of the training is a hybrid of pre-recorded and live courses. The pre-recorded courses are available on-demand, which means participants can watch them at their own pace. This allows for flexibility and convenience, especially for those who have busy schedules. The live courses are scheduled at specific times and dates, allowing for real-time interaction with the speakers and other participants.

In conclusion, Recruitment Academy's certification training is a must-attend event for recruiters who want to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in recruitment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain a certification that will boost your career. Sign up now and take your recruitment career to the next level.

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