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7 June 2016

Photostory of FOREWEAR products

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Nikol Bruncová, a young and talented Czech photographer of portraits and weddings, Linnette Photography, has been fascinated by the story of FOREWEAR products. Therefore, Nikol decided to capture the essence of the recycled products during a day dedicated to photo shooting.


She also wrote a blog article describing some moments of photo taking and sharing how Nikol feels about each FOREWEAR product, a diary, a book cover, a tablet cover and a mobile phone pocket.

In cooperation with Nikol, we will prepare another photo story, this time it will focus on recycled FOREWEAR products designed for companies.


If you are also thinking of capturing your company, your products, your team, your wedding, yourself or any other special moments, or if you are thinking of organizing clothes collection and preparing a recycled set of products, please turn to us or Nikol, we will respond to your inquiry.

For more information see:
Contact: Markéta Borecká, gsm: 603 226 420
Here is the link to the blog article:
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