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3 November 2023

Ostrava embraces innovation with the contribution of CTP

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CTP is bringing the unique CTZone, the Clubhaus community centre, and a sustainable approach

A new city area CTZone is under construction in Ostrava, which will be the centre of business opportunities and residential housing. Behind the ambitious project is CTP, a Czech leader among industrial developers, which is simultaneously developing a number of other activities in the Ostrava region, including the fulfilment of its ambitions in the field of sustainability. In addition, not only the tenants of CTPark Ostrava, but also the residents of Ostrava can look forward to the new Clubhaus community centre.

CTZone is a unique project of CTP, a Czech leader among developers of highly sustainable industrial-logistics parks. However, the new complex in Ostrava's Hrabůvka district will not be a typical park of the developer. CTZone will consist of four CTBox buildings and two CTFlex buildings, totalling more than 20,000 sqm. These building types are highly flexible, offering spaces starting at 300 sqm that can be adapted to meet the needs of tenants and support a range of business activities.

"Ostrava is developing dynamically as a prominent centre of innovation and with its rich industrial history, human resources and local education, it creates ideal conditions for the growth of companies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most suitable premises and open doors to new business opportunities. That is why we bring innovative concepts that effectively respond to the needs of our clients and at the same time elevate the location," said Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development, CTP Czech Republic.

The entire project is being carried out in close cooperation with the city of Ostrava, which has already issued a zoning permit and allowed construction to begin. The construction of the first two buildings of 7,000 sqm is currently underway. The first warehouses are expected to be completed and handed over by the middle of next year. The developer also intends to build its Domeq residential housing in CTZone in the future.

"We have a long history of cooperation with CTP, the company has been operating in Ostrava for almost 20 years. Over the years, it has become a vital part of our region, contributing to its modern and dynamic development. I believe that this new project will significantly help the area – the old closed industrial site will become a passable location with services and, in the future, housing. The project will complement the local offer and support further development of the area between Hrabová and the south," said Jan Dohnal, Mayor of Ostrava.

Like other CTP projects, this one also puts a great emphasis on sustainability. In particular, the use of wooden trusses under the roof will be a unique local feature. The site will also feature a variety of greenery, which will make living here more pleasant and help integrate the development into the surrounding city. There will also be civic amenities on site.

"CTZone will have a significant position in Ostrava. Not only will it be a city park with flexible spaces for a wide range of business activities, but thanks to the agreement with the city, there will be no noisy traffic, i.e., no heavy logistics. This is a key value both for residents and our future residential project with which we would like to complement the multifunctional urban area," commented Vojtěch Peřka, Senior Business Developer, CTP Czech Republic.

The developer is also actively working on sustainable projects in its other parks in Ostrava. In CTPark Ostrava, CTP is installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of five of its buildings with a total capacity of 8 MWp. At the same time, the developer is replacing the lighting fixtures with new, modern, and above all more sustainable LED lights.

The developer's local projects also include the new Clubhaus community centre, which will open its doors in CTPark Ostrava this autumn. It can be recognised by its typical C on the top of the building. Clubhaus offers unique spaces that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of tenants in a given park. The space can be used for their own events, corporate or private, or to attend a range of local events such as business breakfasts, workshops, or sports days. It is a place where business and community converge, and collaboration takes on a new dimension. Clubhaus can be found in several of the developer's European parks. In the Czech Republic it will be the second community centre, with the first one in CTPark Bor.

About CTPark Ostrava

CTPark Ostrava is located just 10 kilometres from the centre of Ostrava, with direct motorway connections to Prague and Brno, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria. Thanks to its position in a regional metropolis with a well-developed infrastructure and advanced educational base, it provides investors with the necessary security of a steady supply of labour and future development. The park offers a range of CTP building types for manufacturing, logistics, R&D, and back-office operations. The largest university is the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava focusing on technical disciplines.

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