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25 September 2023

ORGREZ ECO help companies to conduct business sustainably

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The Czech leader in innovative services in the energy sector, a group of technology companies ORGREZ Group has introduced a new subsidiary company ORGREZ ECO. It has expanded the group's existing experience in sustainable energy development, environmental protection, emissions measurement or development of modern technologies to help companies with a high carbon footprint, i.e. energy, industrial companies and municipalities, with the complete implementation of ESG principles and the transition to sustainable business.

The new company is symbolically introduced at the start of the European Sustainable Development Week. "Meeting ESG requirements is the most challenging in the environmental field in terms of finance, risk and time. The environmental impact of a business can be reduced primarily by reducing its carbon footprint, using raw materials and energy efficiently and reducing waste. ORGREZ has over 65 years of experience in exactly these areas, and so it is logical that it is expanding its scope as regulatory requirements for sustainable business broaden," explains Vladimír Hlavinka, owner and Chairman of the Board of ORGREZ Group and founder of ORGREZ ECO.

"We see from the experience of many companies that by moving towards sustainable business, it is possible to gain not only smooth access to bank or investor funding, but also to gain an innovative edge and a competitive advantage in the eyes of customers. However, this is only true if a company approaches the implementation of ESG principles in a comprehensive and pragmatic way, i.e. based on data evaluation, with the necessary knowledge of technology and the impact of sustainable investments on the company's financial results. And we see this as our mission. It,is to design ESG strategies that are data-driven, economically and technically sensible, and to have the best possible real-world effect on sustainability, thanks to our experience and expertise," adds Hlavinka.

The added value of ORGREZ ECO should not end with the processing of data and the publication of a sustainability report. It also guides its customers through the practical implementation of implementation plans and the periodic review of the proposed strategy. In addition to this, it has a large amount of data from the entire production cycle of industrial and energy companies, having been collecting such data for decades, and thus providing companies with the necessary expertise. In addition, it provides automated integration, validation, analysis and reporting solutions for the large amount of data that enters ESG assessments and reports from many database sources and third parties.

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