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19 November 2020


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This year again everyone can join the NOCLEŽENKA (Night voucher) campaign, organized by the Salvation Army, and help homeless people to stay overnight in the warmth of the Salvation Army’s night shelters. 

By buying a NOCLEŽENKA voucher in the value of CZK 100, you will support a particular homeless person who will be able to spend a night in a warm bed of the Salvation Army's night shelter. But this is not just a regular overnight lodging, the homeless person will also have a soup with bread, a hot beverage and they will also have the opportunity to take a shower and to use the facilities for personal hygiene.

Every purchased NOCLEŽENKA is assigned a number that is carefully registered so the donor can be informed when "their" NOCLEŽENKA is used. Each transaction is assigned one NOCLEŽENKA. The vouchers are distributed among all Salvation Army’s night shelters, where they are passed on to field workers who then hand them over directly to those in need. 

“In the season 2019/2020, an incredible amount of 21,000 donors supported NOCLEŽENKA. We in the Salvation Army, and especially our clients, are very thankful for that! We dare to hope that this season will be even better,” says Lenka Kořínková from the Salvation Army. “Our vision is to help homeless people to find their way back to a stable home. And one overnight stay could be the first and very important step on the long way to regular life.”

Get involved in this unique project and purchase your NOCLEŽENKA voucher right now!

For more information please contact Ms. Lenka Kořínková at or +420 734 851 699.

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