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1 December 2022

NN supports Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic

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2022 has been a year of extensive humanitarian action and aid to the millions of refugees fleeing from war-ridden Ukraine. The Czech Republic instantly became one of the most impacted countries in Europe. The Russian invasion triggered in the Czech society an unprecedented wave of solidarity.

We decided to support the relief in this area both financially and hands-on. NN CR employees gave together EUR 39,075 from their own pockets, which we have tripled with our CSR funds. We donated part of the money to an established NGO Charitas CR, enabling them continuous care of refugees – 720 accommodated, food and social services for thousands. Furthermore, in collaboration with a Ukrainian NGO Foreigners Are Not Slaves, our employees renovated an old hostel and turned it into a refugee shelter for 30 people. On top of that, our employees organized an extensive material collection. Our financial aid covered the purchase of renovation material, furniture and kitchen equipment for the shelter, as well as the cost of professional social services for the inhabitants for the entire year.

Help for Ukrainian refugees in CR in numbers:

  • Donation of EUR 39,075 directly from our employees
  • Donation of EUR 78,150 from NN Czech Republic
  • 550 volunteering hours on renovation an hostel for 30 refugees
  • 750 accommodated refugees
  • thousands supported – food, social services
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